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Cultural Awareness

No description

Esta Schellenberger

on 23 June 2015

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Transcript of Cultural Awareness

Cultural Awareness
* A journey into the world of multiculturalism

* To understand different cultures & values

* To manage and interact with people with unique values & backgrounds

* Underline stereotypes & prejudices that take place into our understanding of other cultures

* Large fruit basket and floral arrangements are very safe amenity options.

* Tea/Coffee making facilities in the room are always appreciate. Indians are big tea drinkers (with milk and sugar) and enjoy a light snack with their tea.

* The whole hand should be used when pointing. Using a single finger indicates the one being pointed at is inferior.
“We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same.”
Please write words that
relates to "CULTURE"
“A body of learned beliefs, traditions, principles and guides for behavior that are shared among members of a particular group.”

Please write words that
relates to "CROSS CULTURE"
* Cultural
* Interaction
* Global
* Together
* Two or more
* Different
* Cultures
* Understanding
* Languages
“Interacting with &/or comparing two
or more cultures and understanding
their values, beliefs & norms.”

* Place high importance on food quality

* Elderly guests usually prefer twin beds

* May not be as fluent in English and prefer if employees speak French

* Usually conservative and “proper”

* Late appearances are possible and acceptable

The Spanish eat no earlier than 1:30 PM for lunch, preferably after 2, and not before 9 PM for dinner.
* Tend to change their travel plans frequently. Important to point out the hotel cancellation policy.

* They are more impressed by the size (even more than the quality) when it comes to in-room amenities .

* They pray in the morning, early afternoon, late afternoon, early evening and evening. The direction to Mekka would be greatly appreciated. Prayers mats and the Koran available.

* During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslim guests may get up during the night to eat light meals.
Middle East
* They expect Chinese tea to be served: Jasmine, PoLei, Tie Guan Yin are preferred. No milk, sugar or cream.

* Water should be served either hot or at room temperature (never ice cold)

* They prefer a King bed unless otherwise requested

* Often Chinese will use a nickname to assist Westerners.
* They expect amenities to be similar to their own country. They prefer to see brand names.

* Room allocation should be “twin” unless otherwise specified.

* Do not give lilies, camellias or lotus blossoms as they are associated with funerals.
A stereotype is usually a negative statement about a group of people.
Just as 90% of an iceberg is out of sight, very little can be determined about a person based on their appearance.
Stereotypes are opinions based on their appearance.

Categorizing can be dangerous. This leads to stereotypes, prejudice & discrimination
* Don't shake hands over a threshold (Russian folk belief holds that this action will lead to an argument).

* Preferred amenity: tropical fruit, champagne, chocolate, vodka and full bodied Bordeaux wine

* Provide fresh flowers where possible. Arrangements should have an uneven number of flowers;
For example:
- Italians are loud
- Italians only eat pasta and pizza
- All Americans are overweight
- Americans think everyone else has to speak English
- All Russians drink only Vodka
- All Chinese are good ad maths
- The Dutch are still wearing the wooden shoes

Christmas Day
07th January.
The first day of
Chinese New Year
starts with the New Moon in the first month of the year. It ends 15 days later when the Full Moon appears.
is a special month of the year for Muslims. It is a time for inner reflection, devotion to God, and self-control.( 28th June until 27th July)
* Values
* Backgrounds
* Social groups
* Habits
* Characteristics
* Beliefs
* Behaviors
* The O. K. hand signal a rude gesture in Brazil
* Expect to be served small cups of very strong coffee
* Midday the normal time for the main meal. A light meal is common at night
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