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Moose and the Sparrow

No description

Hayden Grierson

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Moose and the Sparrow

Summary Characters and
their effects on the theme The Moose and the Sparrow Narrative voice Irony, Mood, Tone Plot Plot Structure & Cecil and Moose Maddon are lumberjacks in BC. Cecil is a small, nimble and educated man unlike Moose who is big, burly and uneducated. Moose decides to pick on little Cecil, because he is jealous of Cecil’s education. Moose’s jokes go from hazing to just cruel, they continue till it becomes a worry for Cecil’s health. Cecil is pushed so far with this cruel treatment, he kills Moose one night by tripping him. But he kills him by using his wire to make a trip wire. Which is the only way the narrator knows who killed him . Narrative Voice: In the story, The Moose and the Sparrow, the author used narrative voice to convey his theme in limited omniscient. He used a character that was unable to see/know everything to narrate the events of the story. “The next afternoon there was quite a commotion over where Maddon’s gang were[sic] cutting, but I had to wait until the whistle blew to find out what happened. Cecil sat down to supper with his right hand heavily taped”. “I’m not saying that’s what happened, you understand, and for all I know nobody was wandering around outside the bunkhouses on the night of Maddon’s death, not Cecil or anybody else”. These quotes show that the story is being narrated by someone with limited knowledge of the events that happened “off stage”. Matt Chamilliard Hayden Grierson Stephanie Clue Brie Kitchener The plot and plot structure are crucial in how well this story conveys its theme. How the plot does this is, it is the events of the story which push the good person of the story to do evil. So all of the practical jokes done to Cecil and the teasing are what pushes him to do evil. “Nearly all of us joined in the jokes on Cecil at first, putting a young raccoon in his bunk, kicking over his tea water, hiding his clothes or tying them in knots, all the usual things.”. How these events are set up also help starting with the lesser pranks moving to the harsher ones.
Which top off how mush Cecil can handle before he breaks. “ One evening late in the summer as I was walking along the river having an after-supper pipe, I stumbled upon Cecil curled up on a narrow sandy beach. His head was buried in his arms and his shoulders were heaving with sobs.” Also the events with Cecil show how much closer he is every time to breaking and killing Moose. The theme of the story is: if you push someone around enough, even the nicest person can do evil things. Irony: In the story the characters are described in an ironic sort of way, Moose Maddon, the antagonist is described as a “big moose of a man, with a round flat face that looked down angrily at the world” the irony in this statement is situational because he is being said to be as big as a moose. Cecil, the protagonist is described as “hardly taller than an axe-handle; and almost as thin, with the looks of an inquisitive sparrow behind his glasses” the irony in this statement is also situational because he is being said to be as thin as an axe handle. This relates to the theme, in that if you push someone hard enough, they can do something bad. Tone: The tone of “The Moose and the Sparrow expresses a great deal of dislike and perhaps even hatred towards the antagonist Moose Maddon. The narrator talks about him in a way that you can almost hear the scorn you can imagine to be in his voice and the dislike in his eyes as he looks upon Moose. This relates to the theme in that, if someone is bullied and talked bad about long enough, that person can turn bitter and have no misgivings about doing or saying something bad. Mood: The mood of “The Moose and the Sparrow is a sad and anxious one because Cecil is being bullied by Moose, his practical jokes having turned cruel and mean. When the others try to help Cecil, it only enrages Moose even more, causing him to be even crueler than before. This relates to the theme in that if someone is around negativity and sadness long enough, they can be pushed to do mean and cruel things. the character of Moose maddon has huge ifluence on the theme moose created the push that puts cecil over the edge. the character of Cecil and his actoins have an enormous effect on the theme. cecil is the character that the theme is overall about. he is a good character but is pushed and pushed into doing something terrible in the killing of moose maddon. END!!
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