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Pokémon & Digimon

No description

yo yoyoyo

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Pokémon & Digimon


created in 1997 for Akiyoshi Hongo and company japanese Bandai
Inspirade in Pokémon videogames
36 videogames
Pokemon was made by Satoshi Tajiri
Ash Ketchum (pokémon
maester) wanted to travel
to be the best pokémon
trainer around the world.
get 8 medals to enter in pokemon league
17 season and 805 epsodes
17 movies 16 spanish
The end
Is a popular programme
of tv in the world.
The end

unknown videogames images
The seasons
The seasons of Digimon were:
1.digimon adventure.Have 54 espisodes

2.digimon adventure 2.Have 50 espisodes

3.digimon tamers.Have 51 espisodes

4.digimon frontiers.Have 50 espisodes

5.digimon savers.Have 48 espisodes

the story takes place in a digital world
and it's creatures
Digimon have nine films
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