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Management - Staffing

No description

Jules Hudson

on 2 June 2017

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Transcript of Management - Staffing

Eventhough people is not considered into a business balance sheet, they are the most important part.
Any of them can come up with a brilliant idea that can help managers to earn a better surplus.
Management systems approach
Business plans and organization become important inputs for staffing.
Managers number and quality are influenced by many different factors.
How much work can we delegate to someone?
Manager should be assigned into a level were they get enough work according to their skills , so that they will feel challenged to do what a business expects from them.
Peter's Principle
Managers tend to be promoted to their incompetence level.
A manager ,who has been promoted, may succeed and get promoted once again to a higher level.
However, this new level may require certain skills a manager does not have.
It means to have enough employees to work on your business structure.
Also, it requires:
Identify your work force requirements
Inventory all your available personal
Recruit , choose, move, promote, test , plan , etc
Staffing - Globalization
Nowadays, our current business world is growing too fast. Furthermore , everyone is competing with professionals from all over the world, that's why we must look for new training continuosly.
Management & Human Sources Selection
14190003 Bernedo Jurado Alexander Aarón
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