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International Shipping

No description

thomas kosko

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of International Shipping

What is Intermodal Transportation?
Intermodal freight transportation involves the movement of goods using multiple modes of transportation, rail, ship, and truck. Freight is loaded in an intermodal container which enables movement across the various modes, reducing cargo handling and improving security while limiting freight damage and loss.
20 Major Steamship Lines
Domestic Transportation
International Shipping
6,000 Drayage Companies
Distribution Centers
and Stores
Containers are transported by train
Chassis is rented from chassis yard
Motor Carrier with bare chassis
picks-up container
Rail Terminal
Motor Carrier Returns chassis to different stop/start location
Motor Carrier Returns chassis to original stop/start location
Stores or Warehouse
An integral component of intermodal transportation

A chassis is a wheeled structure designed to move domestic and
marine cargo containers overland, between ocean-going vessels, railroad
ramps, warehouses and other delivery points served by motor carriers
Marine Facility
Rail Facility
Marine Chassis
Primarily serve shipping lines and
motor carriers with 20', 40' and 45'
long chassis
Domestic Chassis
Primarily serve railroads and major U.S. intermodal transportation companies with 53' long chassis
A marine container is unloaded from a cargo ship and loaded on to a train, or a chassis to be transported by truck
Marine Container Transportation
A city or area where
cargo is exchanged between modes
of transportation
Marine Pool Operations
Chassis relocated between
pools based on demand
by TRAC Transportation
Marine Terminal
Chassis can be
moved between
different locations
Production Facility
Ocean going container ships carry truck-size cargo containers, in 20/40/45 foot standardized sizes.
52% of Import/Export trade value in the US is managed by Marine Ports
Modern container ships can carry up to 16,020 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU)
Top US ports –LA/LB, New York, S. Atlantic, Pacific /North California
Container mounted on a chassis
for the last motor carrier haul,
from the rail to the final destination.

57% of the containers handled in 2010 by the Class I Railroads were
international (maritime) containers, domestic containers accounted
for 23% and trailers 17%.

Class 1 railroads include:
Burlington Northern
Santa Fe
Norfolk Southern
Union Pacific
Canadian National
Canadian Pacific,
Kansas City Southern
Florida East Coast Railways
Advantages of Rail over Road:

Energy and cost saving
Speed and reliability
Shortages of qualified truck drivers
The domestic network connects North American domestics markets using rail owned 53’ domestic containers, on a combination of rail and truck transportation. TRAC national domestic pool network operates at over 75 intermodal rail terminals owned and operated by major Class 1 railroads.
About 25% of all international (marine) cargo moved by rail is trans-loaded into domestic containers.
Double-stack rail transport is approximately 70% of the United States' intermodal domestic shipments, it transports more than one million containers per year.
Distribution Center
A chassis pool consists of a group of TRAC owned and/or operated chassis domiciled at a facility that are made available to shipping lines and truckers for short-term rental.
Customers can pick up and drop off marine chassis at various locations throughout each region.
At the service depots, TRAC operates Chassis Inspections & repairs
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