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Can you make your own photo frame?

No description

Caitlin Winter

on 18 August 2013

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Transcript of Can you make your own photo frame?

Can you make your own photo frame?
Learning intention: I can design a photo frame
Your task is to create a photo frame that you could give to your friends or family.

However, before you make the frame, you need to think about your design.
Questions to help you design your photo frame
4. What could the AREA of my photo frame be?

Using your answers to the questions you brainstormed with your parner, complete the "Design a Photo Frame" worksheet and submit it to your teacher.

You will need to draw a picture of what you think your photo frame will look like, and the materials you will need to make your frame. Make sure you include materials which the school will be able to provide.
Learning Intention: I can make my photo frame
Now the fun starts! Using your design and materials, make your photo frame! You have one lesson to complete it so don't waste any time.
Warm Up:
On your whiteboard, brainstorm all the people/animals/things you could put in a picture frame.
With your partner, brainstorm some answers to these questions and share with the class:
1. What kind of pictures would I like to put in my photo frame?
2. What SHAPE do I want my photo frame to be?
3. What will the HEIGHT and LENGTH of my photo frame be?
Learning intention:
I can evaluate my photo frame design
What would you change next time?
Now you have made your photo frame.
Did you follow your design plan?
Was it like you imagined?
Did your design work?
Discuss with your partner and the class and talk about what worked and what didn't work when making your photo frame . Next, fill out your appraisal form and submit it to your teacher!
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