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Biomes in Disney Movies

No description

Danielle Brookover

on 2 May 2017

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Transcript of Biomes in Disney Movies

D. Brookover
World Geography

Biomes in Disney Movies
The Lion King
-Mostly grassland
-Few trees
-Warm/hot weather
-Long dry season
The Lion King - Savanna
-Extremely hot
-Vast, sandy area
-Little or no vegetation
-Dry, little amounts of precipitation
Aladdin - Desert
Home on the Range
Home on the Range- Grasslands (prairie)
-Relatively flat
-Few or little trees
-Covered in grass
-Have rich soil (agriculture - on a farm)
Tarzan - Tropical Rain Forest
-Incredibly tall trees
-Year round warmth
-Lots of rainfall
-Trees form a canopy over land
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty - Deciduous Forest
-Tall trees with different color leaves (blooming)

- Some trees look like they have lost their leaves

-Temperate climate (wearing long sleeves but not heavy coats)
Balto - Taiga
-Long winters

-Precipitation in the form of snow

-Coniferous trees with needles

Why not tundra?

-Long winters

-Precipitation in the form of snow

-No trees

-Frozen ground (permafrost)
Frozen - Tundra
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