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Guinea Pig Maze Running Science Experiment

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g s

on 16 May 2015

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Transcript of Guinea Pig Maze Running Science Experiment

Guinea Pig Maze Running Science Experiment
By: Grant Schreiber
Background Information
Guinea pig are quick learners. They can associate a noise with getting a treat. Guinea pigs can recognize that being touched on the belly means jump. A guinea pig can remember where its cage is located.

How long will it take three guinea pigs to memorize a maze when the layout changes provide the guinea pigs get a treat once they solve the maze?
If guinea pigs have the maze layout changed on them then the guinea pigs will take longer to solve the maze because they do not know the layout of the maze.

Make an identical maze for each guinea pig to run.
After the maze has been built then you will make the guinea pigs run the maze. To do this place a treat at the end of the maze and start the guinea pig at the beginning of the maze. Record the time and observations after each run.
After a week of running the guinea pigs through the maze, run the guinea pigs backwards through the maze by placing a treat at the start and starting the guinea pigs from the end. Record the time and observations after each run.
After running the guinea pig through the maze backward for two weeks change the maze layout completely and start running the guinea pigs through that maze. Record the time and observations after each run.

It will take longer to solve the maze if the guinea pigs have the maze layout changed on them because they have to figure out the new layout of the maze. The results agree with the hypothesis since at the beginning of each week the guinea pigs usually ran a slower time than the time they ran on the last day of a week. For one week the guinea pigs were allowed to run one layout and learn the maze layout. Then after one week the maze layout was changed and the guinea pigs would have to learn a whole new layout. The science behind this experiment is how quick a guinea pig can memorize a maze layout. Guinea pigs can memorize that certain sounds means getting a treat so maybe they can memorize a maze. Two errors in the experiment were that the same maze layout was used during week two and three. The other error that happened was that some runs occurred at times different from the usual time.

A few modifications could be made to this experiment. One modification is to make sure the experiment is going on in a quiet area so the guinea pigs do not get scared. Another modification could be to line the the maze with paper towels to catch any waste the guinea pigs secrete. The finally modification could be to use a female guinea pig in the maze running to see if they are quicker or slower learners
Guinea Pigs
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