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NOYA report- presentation

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Oliwia Laura Sadlo

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of NOYA report- presentation

NOYA's Polish Fairytale
They look for ecological solutions that’s why they prefer to buy products that and natural or organic.
6 months and 2 countries. That's not the end.
We want more.
The market research proved findings from the desk research:
Financial health
The company's statement April 2013:
$1, 034, 371. 23*
*Data strictly confidential
May's Purchase Order (PO):
$417, 836. 01
Investments May 2013:
$828, 347. 75*
Room for further investments
$623, 859. 49
The industry
Nivea, Neutrogena and Carmex are the biggest competitors on the Polish lip care market
The desk research findings:
Entry modes
Economic situation in Poland
Economic situation in Poland puts the company in jeopardy.
Choosing the most appropriate Entry Mode is a key to success.
The market research
Price sensitivity influences the average spending on such products- 5-10 PLN. However, the good news is the willingness to spend more.
TV commercials and glossy magazines seem to be the most forceful sources of advertising.
Iwona Korzeniowska, Rossmann, April 2013
Suggestions & Recommendations
Cut down the prices
Invest into TV commercials or glossy magazines promotion, or both
What would I do?
Polish lip care market- what is it all about?
Insight into the company's situation
Problem recognition
journey to Polish hearts
Oliwia Laura Sadlo

Tutor: Povl Christian Henningsen

Final Exam Project in Marketing Management Programme

The insight
Market the "100% natural" quality
Sell the story
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