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Whatever After

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Whatever After

One Pager
Whatever After
Dream On
By: Sarah Mlynowski
"Oh! Oh! Oh!" I shriek. "We're in Sleeping Beauty!" Abby pg.25
Quote #2
"But we should probably invite her daughter. We don't want to upset anyone." Abby pg.92
Quote #3
"But Jonah and I changed the ending of Snow White story when the mirror in our basement sucked us into her world." Abby pg.10
Quote #1
Jonah And Abby
Mary Rose
Personal Statement
I think that this is a fun book to read. It has fun stories. The writer turns the fairy tale characters into a completely different person. For example Sleeping beauty or Bri is like a teenage girl. All she wants to do is prick her finger and sleep for a hundred years then get her fairy tale prince.
Question #1
Q: Who is Robin?
A: One of Abby's friends
Question #2
Q: Why is Robin asleep?
A: She pricked the spinning wheel instead of Bri.
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