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What's My Learning Style?

No description

Gerda William

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of What's My Learning Style?

What's My Learning Style?
Strategies for Visual Learning Online
Learning Styles
Learning styles describe the different ways that people learn. While some people may have a preferred learning style, others may use a different learning style depending on the situation. There are three main types of learning styles: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic:
Auditory learners hear.
Visual learners see.
Kinesthetic learners touch.
Based on the results of the inventories, I am a visual learner.
Learning Style Inventory Results
Learning Style Inventory Results
44% Visual 39% Auditory 17% Kinesthetic

The Center for New Discoveries in Learning
Visual learner.
Visual Learning Style
Visual learning is a learning style that uses images to teach information. As it relates to school, visual learners tend to:
Remember what they read instead of what they hear
Take notes during class to remember information
Prefer written instructions over verbal instructions

Visual learners also have different personality traits. For example, visual learners tend to forget names, but they do remember faces. In addition, they usually prefer to work alone.

In order to be successful in online learning, I plan to use the following strategies to support my visual learning style:
Outline information that I read in textbooks or other course materials
Use mind maps to take notes and plan for projects
Highlight and underline words and phrases I want to remember
Each individual has their own learning style, whether it be auditory, visual, or kinsinetic. As a visual learner, I do prefer to see things instead or hearing or touching them. Research has suggested that visual learners may have difficulty learning by listening since they prefer to learn by reading or watching a demonstration. Since visual learners usually have to physically see the teacher, there are several strategies they can use to succeed in online learning.
Education Portal

Learning Style Inventory Results

The Center for New Discoveries in Learning
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