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Herstory Project

No description

Madeleine Student

on 26 May 2016

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Transcript of Herstory Project

The Fantabulous and Wonderful (>+8)
Rough Waters (<1)
Dark Crevices (< -7)
Nala Dies (-7)

Good Times (>1)
By: Brigid Hanley
Herstory Project
Trip to England 2015 (+10)
The week I went to England with most of my graduating eighth grade class was the best week of my life. It was a week of education, culture, friendship, discovery, and living in the present.
Backpacking in Wyoming (+9)

It seemed to me that this was paradise; the most beautiful work of nature I had ever seen. Lake after lake and a week without worries. Reading, sunshine, climbing.
Silent Disco (+8)
I felt free that night. I was with people I didn't need to impress. I could just be in this incredible bubble of people listening to the same music in silence, dancing like they were possessed. (Cycle of Redemption KT)
Redwoods/Southern Oregon Beach Trip
Humbled by giant trees, at peace by the sea.
Family Trip to Cedar Point (+6)
With everyone again,
having fun together.
Suessical (+5)
It was my first
musical. I had a
leading part. The
euphoria after
making it through
was amazing.
Hilton Head/Dolphins (+7)
I loved visting my Nana in Hilton Head for the first time. It felt like anything was possible there, and
I saw dolphins for the first time while exploring a small island made of shells that disappeared with the tide.
Choosing La Salle (-3)
I had wanted to go to SMA for 3 years, and had barely considered La Salle. All of my friends were going to SMA; they actually repeatedly put down La Salle. I had liked it, but didn't truly think I'd end up going there. I could see myself at La Salle by the end of the year and decided to be brave and accept a generous scholarship and my admission. I was afraid not to know people and to have to deal with my friends bragging about SMA all the time. I am happy with my choice now, but it was hard looking back.
The Three Musketeers (-6)
Being the third wheel of a friend group for 5 years sucked. As a kid, it really changed and shaped who I was and am today. I was always the annoying one, trying to get attention. I became afraid of what the other girls were saying about me. (Cycle of Redemption w/ KT)
M.H. (-5)
I had to deal with someone I did not get along well with for a year.
Our family's dog, Nala, was two years old when she died of a rare blood disease. It hit me hard because I was young and it just felt so wrong to me that she was gone, and she had just been a puppy.
Papa Dies (-9)
My papa died, and I didn't know what to do. I had been close to him, and that was part of it, but it was also the first death of a family member close to me.
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