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What are cognates?

No description

Desiree Saez

on 2 September 2015

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Transcript of What are cognates?

What are cognates?

They are words that share similar meaning in Spanish and two or more languages.

We divided cognates in four types:
Exact cognates
Direct cognates
Indirect cognates
False cognates

Exact cognates
SAME: Spelling
DIFERENT: Pronunciation

Idea- Idea
Hotel- Hotel
Color- Color
Hospital- Hospital

Direct cognates
Spanish- cion English- tion
Always: feminine
La educación Education
La ambición Ambition
La nación Nation

Spanish- dad English- ty
La curiosidad Curiosity
La capacidad Capacity
La sociedad Society

Spanish- ia, io ía. English- y.
these are usually NOUNS
Familia Family Historia History
Fotografía Photography
Vocabulario Vocabulary

Spanish- mente English- ly
Usually are adverbs
Exactamente Exactly
Frecuentemente Frequently Perfectamente Perfectly

These are usually: Adjectives

Spanish- oso English-ous
Curioso Curious
Famoso Famous
Furioso Furious

Spanish- es+consonant English-s+con

Espiritú Spirit
Estudiante Student
Especial Special
Indirect cognates
Spanish word / English word / English meaning
Alto Altitude High/ Tall
Aprender Apprentice To Learn
False cognates

Spanish word / English word / Not
Librería Bookstore Library
Lectura Reading Lecture
The different is the ending:
Second group
Group number three:
Group number four
Group number five
The last group
"If you love wisdom and don´t forget reject her, she will watch over you" Proverbs 4: 6
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