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How has Beyonce contributed to Globalisation?

Beyonce's contribute to Globalisation.

Samantha Gray

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of How has Beyonce contributed to Globalisation?

How have I contributed to Globalisation?
By definition
means the process of international
integration arising from the
interchange of world views,
products, ideas, and other
aspects of culture.
To put it simply it refers to processes that increase world-wide exchanges of national and cultural resources.
What is Globalisation?
So what have I got to do with Globalisation?
My album I am...
Sasha Fierce was
released world wide.
Instantly the song
Single Ladies
became a hit. It is
still popular now and
is on many critics'
list of the best songs
of the 2000s
After the success of that album more albums were released and gave a positive impact on the world today.

Another Globalisation aspect that I have contributed to is...
The mirrors Pepsi ad! It is constantly appearing on all our TV screens. And would you believe it is a contribute to Globalisation.
That is my commitment to globalisation.
Not as large as travel or internet but special
in its own way.

I hope that in your eyes you see that I have added my part to Globalisation even if it is simple
Some examples:
In total I have published around 75 songs and a
amount of them have made the charts and have added a new spin on R&B music
"Sometimes little achievments can be far greater than those larger."
"We are all in this TOGETHER. In everything I am, with everything I do, I have to give back. I have to reach out. We are all in this together."
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