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Food Literacy Project

A Case Study

Erin Brown

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Food Literacy Project

The Food Literacy Project
Louisville, KY Louisville, KY
Largest city in Kentucky
62.9% white, 33% black
17.9% Poverty
64% obese or overweight
35.2% Don't eat 5 or more

To inspire community to make better food choices that sustain their bodies, community and the earth
Educational programs that empower children to understand food and increase self efficacy for making choices and growing food
In partnership with a local farm FLP nonprofit
partnered with Oxmoor Farms
farm based experiential education
entrepreneurial program Employees Carol Gundersen
Angelique Perez Buzz Words!! Stage Theory:
Theory of Organizational Change
Community-building: 1)sensing of unsatisfied demands
2)serching for responses
3)evaluating alternatives
4)desiding to adopt a course of action
5)initiation of action
6)implementation of change
7)instituioinalizing Community Served public and private
student and faculty
community groups
youth and after-school programs
summer camps
scout troops
special needs groups
87% free and reduced lunch participants Capacity Grant

VISTA member

Outdoor Kitchen Project Farm Activities Group Experiential Education Program
Entrepreneurial Youth Development Program
Fourth Grade Grant
Professional Development Workshopes
Family Farm Day Partnerships University of Louisville
Center for Health Equity
Mayor's Helathy Hometown Initiative
Kentucky Retired Teachers Association
Whole Foods and other retailers
Individuals Evaluation Teacher evaluation
Fourth Grade Grant
pre and post tests
Student input
Intervention Partnership with UofL and the HSS department.
Develop a Master's Thesis or Sr. Project.
Develop and implement evalutaion system.
Possibly lead to new greants, new jobs, new partnerships and greater success for the Project! Food Literacy Project Increase commnunity envolvement.
Increase frenquency of family farm day.
Market towards a broader demographic.
Delegate larger responsiblity on
seasonal employee or volunteer ljhjlhibm
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