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Life OF Pi context project

No description

usama khan

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Life OF Pi context project

Harshil Gandhi, Aaron Rodriguez, Usama Khan, Erich Romstedt Life of Pi Context Project About The Author References Martel's Inspiration The author of Life of Pi is Yann Martel.
He was born on June 1965 in Spain.
Martel's parents were French speaking Canadians who lived in Quebec.
Martel was raised in Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico as well as France.
He studied philosophy at Trent university Ontario
He made a total of 3 visits to India- 2 before Life of Pi and one after it.
Martel started writing his first book at the age of 27. Research -Martel's writing career was not faring too well and so he decided to try his luck in India. The story he was working on did not work out too well and so, Martel was in need for a new story.
-Martel explored the hill station of Matheran and what he saw there filled his mind with ideas.
-In just a few minutes, Martel was working up a story in his mind. Work on Life of Pi had begun... http://www.rushlane.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/life-of-pi-boat-auction-1.jpg

-Martel was inspired to write Life of Pi, after reading a review of Max and the Cats, which was written by Brazilian writer, Moacyr Scliar.
-The story was about a Jewish boy who was immigrating from Germany to Brazil with his family due to their poor zoo business. The Jewish boy gets stranded on a lifeboat with a panther after the ship sinks.

Life of Pi coming to life -Martel visited all the zoos in Southern India.
-Martel experienced as much of South India as he could before he returned to Canada.
-Martel spent one and a half year researching the three religions: Hinduism, Islam and Christianity.
-He also read more disaster stories to improve his knowledge about life at sea.
-To develop the character of Richard Parker, Martel researched animal psychology.
Interesting Facts -As an interesting point, Martel chose meerkats to inhabit the algae
island because the name was similar to the word, 'mirage'
-One of the inspirations for Richard Parker's name came from Edgar Allen Poe's novel- The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym. -Martel initially chose an Indian elephant as Pi's 'supposed' companion at sea but changed it since he found it a bit comical.
-After Richard Parker was chosen, the rest of the characters came to life naturally.
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