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Become a 21st Century Super-Teacher

As an edtech superhero, you need as many tools in your teacher utility toolbelt as you can for students to create content and be engaged. These Web 2.0 tools are particularly effective, road tested, easy to use, and FREE. Content updated 7/14/15.

Adam Watson

on 14 July 2015

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Transcript of Become a 21st Century Super-Teacher

Become a 21st Century Super-Teacher!
Things you should know before patrolling the whiteboard jungle.
Batarangs don't win the day. YOU win the day.
You're no Bruce Wayne. This stuff is FREE (although premium access may be offered).
Teacher-heroes aren't afraid to fail.
Try one or two tools, reflect, repeat.
#8. PollEverywhere
SMS (no smartphone necessary)
Create MC or open response polls in seconds
New features:embed equations, wordclouds
Educator premium ($50/year): grading, moderation
#10. iPadio
works with any cell phone
iOS and Android app
can stream live
Podcasting site without storage caps or creation hassles. Can even upload audio files!
#1. Skitch
Free downloadable program or app
Versatile image annotation tool: arrows, shapes, text, stamps, pixilation
Easily take and annotate screenshots
With Evernote, can sync saved pics; with Evernote Premium, can annotate PDFs
#3. Kahoot!
Easy to make quizzes and polls, with engaging graphics and gaming style
Can moderate nicknames and "kick out" evildoers (love the red screen!)
Student sessions saved on account; reports can be exported as Excel spreadsheets
New feature: Youtube video in the "lobby" (use for flip/blend; reinforce concept before quizzing students)
Web 2.0
pellets for your edtech utility belt

Image from: http://batman.wikia.com/wiki/Batman's_Gadgets
Mr. Watson's "Phlog" Channel:
#7. TodaysMeet
Created in 2013 by Adam Watson, District Technology Integration Coach, Shelby County, KY USA. Last revised April 2015. For educational purposes only.

Real-time "backchanneling" discussion tool
Free signup allows you to track rooms you've created, some moderation/privacy functions, create QR code
Chat rooms can exist from 1 hour to 1 year
Can print transcripts
Great for discussions during videos, class questions during direct instruction, group collaboration, virtual "work stations"
#2. Storify
Tell a "story" by curating tweets, Instagrams, Facebook postings, Youtube, website links, and more
Use to make instant websites, examine current events, research, archive a tweetchat, tell a narrative
Story can be shared via URL
Mr. Watson's Storify page:
#5. Bounce
Create digital discussions/feedback in seconds
Can annotate a website (URL) or upload an image
Customize title and user name
When finished, save and share URL
Note: each time note is made, new URL created.
#9. thinglink
Upload photos and "annotate" them with notes, websites, and videos
iPad, iPhone app (can access photo roll, take and embed your videos)
Sharable across many social media platforms (public links)
Great for visual media analysis, "About Me's," sharing of resources, interactive presentation posters
BONUS: Prezi
MUCH better than PowerPoints, especially to make spatial presentations...but you knew that.
New Features: collaboration, live presentations, and audio!
FREE educator account already gives you 500 MB space. For $59/year, edit on your desktop, 2 GB space.
Mr. Watson's Prezi page:
Image credit: http://modernwomansociety.wordpress.com/2012/04/19/bang-bang/
Image credit: http://salsapie.blogspot.com/2011/10/pow-wham-make-bat-tree.html
#4. ActivePrompt
Mr. Watson's blog entry on ActivePrompt:
Great for quick, visual formative assessment
Red dot moved by each user on top of image you upload
Link above creates student and teacher view (unique URLS)
No registration, or way to look up old prompts
Tip: freeze screen BEFORE asking students to move their dots, and freeze after
For more on Kahoot's "Learner to Leader" pedagogy, visit:
Mr. Watson's Thinglinks:
#6. Smore
Easily create online "flyer" (template driven)
Share via URL, email, social media
Text, pictures, videos, links, Google Forms, Soundcloud
Great for event announcements, newsletters, virtual poster presentations
Mr. Watson's Smore flyers: https://www.smore.com/u/adamwatson
Example of 4th grade app smashing (Smore, TodaysMeet, Google Hangout): https://www.smore.com/j8pbx
Mr. Watson's blog entry on Smore with student examples: http://watsonedtech.blogspot.com/2014/11/tuit-lindsay-ricke-mlc-hs.html
Mr. Watson's blog entry on Thinglink: http://watsonedtech.blogspot.com/2014/10/tuit-ben-nichols-collins-high-school.html
Example of website annotation:
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