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No description

Lilli Markel

on 18 August 2013

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Transcript of Sweetblood

by Pete Hautman
Created by Lilli Markel
Sweetblood takes place in Seward High School, as well as the home of the main character. The city is not specified.
The author uses the weather, as well as descriptive words, to create a mood.
The main character is Lucy Szabo. She is 16 years old, and has quite a strong attitude.

Main Character
Although she dresses like it, she denies the fact of being "goth".
One of Lucy's main conflicts is that she is trying to find out who she is, and what she really wants.
Lucy is 16 and has diabetes. She thinks she is a vampire, because of a theory she has-the first vampires were just dying diabetics.
Lucy participates in an online chat room for "vampires", which gets her interested in one particular person who she suspects is a "real" vampire.
As Lucy gets more involved with vampires, she loses interest in the rest of her life - relationships, family, and even her health.
After a near-death experience, she realizes that she's been wrong, and she needs to stop acting immaturely.
An internal conflict that Lucy has is that she is diabetic. Once she interacts with a "vampire", she forgets about her health.
An external conflict that Lucy has is how she's always angry at the world. She's failing some classes because of her interest with vampires.
Resolution: Lucy realizes that she doesn't have to be so angry, and that she should care more about herself and those who love her.
"She's scared of her daughter, the wicked protovampire Lucinda. Wherever I go, whatever I am doing, I see her face accusing me.
I see her hands washing my dishes. I want to say, this wasn't my idea. I didn't ask to be born."
This quote shows that the tone of the book is cynical. Throughout the entire story, Lucy talks about everything in a negative way.
"Insight number three: When you die and then come back, the people who are there when you wake up are the people who love you.
And that is why I am miserable. Because they are the people I hurt the most."
This quote is significant because it shows how Lucy is realizing she is hurting the people that care about her.
She pushes everyone away, but in the end she knows that doing that won't help her.
I think the theme of this book is self-identity. In the beginning of the book, there is nothing that contributes to this theme.
But later on in the story, there are a lot of signals that Lucy doesn't know what she really wants and who she really is.
Personal Response
The way the author wrote this book, I feel like I can connect with Lucy. The writing really makes the reader understand her feelings.

I didn't feel any personal connections to anything in this book, but I did understand a lot of what was going on in Lucy's life.
Self-identity was a huge part of this book. It was the main message the author was trying to convey, in my opinion.
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