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A Walk to Remember

No description

Morgan Miller

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of A Walk to Remember

Author: Nicholas Sparks A Walk to Remember The setting of A Walk to Remember is 1958, in Beaufort, North Carolina. Beaufort was located on the coast near Morehead City. It was a small southern town where everybody was friendly and waved to anybody they seen on the street. Jamie Sullivan is a goody two shoes. She carries her bible around with here everywhere she goes and is always talking about the Lord's plan. On the other hand, Landon Carter is very outgoing and popular, the total opposite. The saying, "opposites attract", came into play in this story well. Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan are the main characters. The theme of A Walk to Remember is
that love is not always easy, but never
give up on it. Throughout the story,
Landon Carter gets judged for falling
in love with Jamie Sullivan, the
reverend's daughter. The genre was realistic fiction, meaning the
story of Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan
isn't based on a true story. Created by: Morgan Miller Landon Carter changes throughout the story because in the beginning Landon never talks to Jamie Sullivan, but when he walks her home from play practice every night, they find common interests and slowly fall in love. The climax occurs when Jamie and Landon were walking along the sidewalk and Landon touches Jamie's arm. She jumps away quickly rubbing her arm because it hurt when he touched her. Landon asks what he did to hurt her, and then she tells him that she has been battling leukemia for awhile now, and it is getting worse as each day passes. The resolution happened when Landon asks Jamie to marry him while she is lying on her death bed. They get married and soon after Jamie passes away. Character Traits Genre Theme Setting Character Changes Climax Resolution Main Characters The main characters are Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan.
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