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ART IN Education

No description

Kelli Duhon

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of ART IN Education

Our Question:
How might art in
education be
student learning?
Friedrich Frobel
Froebel, the father of kindergarten, believed that young children should be involved in both making their own art and enjoying the art of others.
To Froebel, art activities were important because they encouraged each child's full and all-sided development.
Looking At Art With Toddlers
ART IN Education
Socio-emotional Development
Emotional satisfaction
Control over materials they use
Autonomy in decisions they make
Builds self esteem
Opportunities express what they're thinking and feeling
Learn to accept criticism and praise
Social Skills
Taking turns, sharing, and negotiating for materials
Cognitive development
Sensory Exploration
Build a knowledge of the objects in the world around them
Make decisions and conduct self-evaluations
Represent real objects, events, and feelings in their artwork
Motor Development
Develop control of large and small muscle groups
Large movements
painting or drawing at easel
build coordination and strength
Small movements
cut with scissors, model clay, and draw or paint on small surfaces
develop fine motor dexterity and control
Art Education Partnership Study
In 2002, a report was released involving art and academic skills. The report was funded by the U.S. Department of Education and the National Endowment of the Arts.

According to the Report - Visual arts:
"Improve content and organization of writing; promote sophisticated reading skills and interpretation of text, reasoning about scientific images and reading readiness."
Center for Art Education
The report shows art plays a role in graduation rates.
Schools with the most art access for their students had a lower drop out rate.
The report even says:
"Participation in these activities has a quantifiable impact on levels of delinquency, truancy and academic performance."
"Neuroeduation: Learning, Arts, and the brain"
Report was done by John Hopkins researchers.
Students who try to master a certain art skill, increase their attention and focus levels.Thus improving "their fluid IQ scores."
Other scientific studies shows that involvement in art improves the students "social and intellectual development."
Art in Early Childhood Curriculum Connections
10 Salient Studies On the Arts in Education
WEBSITE 2: TheTeachingPalette.com
What do the statistics and research show?
WhY is it important for young children to experience and experiment with art?
Looking at and encouraging conversations about art, support visual perception skills and literacy in young children.

Young children learn to create new meanings through interaction with art.

Art at an early age can build interest and develop important skills that will last a lifetime.
Art lessons:
Pre-School to College
Art lessons are organized by grade level, medium, subject, art period, artist, or integration
Latest art news
Submit your own art news
Art school, test, Art of Mexico, Art of India, Art for holidays
Art careers and jobs:
Fashion design, graphic design, illustration and etc.
Art Gallery:
Sorted by alphabet
Art lesson plans
K-5th grade lesson plans
6th-12th grade lesson plans
Classroom Management
Different techs and app websites
With different art projects
Different websites: TeacherTube, Artsonia, Wordle, Shape Collage and etc.
Buy supplies and how-to guides
Art History
lesson plans based on ancient art, art around the world, great artists, and american art
Art Skills
Guides and supplies for teaching specific art skills
Art Color Books
printable coloring pages for different subjects and topics
KidsArt Units
Unit plans
Free Resources to use when integrating art into a class
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