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To Server or Not to Server

No description

John Engates

on 29 August 2015

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Transcript of To Server or Not to Server

Q: Which one is a server? To Server or Not to Server... Would you recognize a server
if you saw one? Hint: It's a trick question... They are ALL servers! How do I know what I need? That depends on what you're using it for... File Server
Print Server
Database Server Web Server
Application Server
Mail Server But there's more to it... Availability Scalability Manageability Affordability you have to consider the "ilities." How much can you afford now?

When will you be able to afford more?

Can you upgrade later?

How long will you need the server?

What's your tolerance for risk? How many servers will you have to manage?

Who is going to manage them?

What's the level of expertise available?

Is the server down the hall or on another continent?

Do you have a real datacenter or a broom closet? How many users will it need to support?

How demanding is the application?

Will the demand grow over time?

Is it predictable growth?

Will I be adding new features to the app?

Can the application span more than one server?

What are the options for upgrading the server later?

Where and when will I hit the first bottleneck? What's the expecation for application uptime?
24 x 7? 8 x 5?

What's the tolerance for:
-Data corruption
-Performance degradation Entry level Dell Server
Starts at $249 Enterprise Dell Server
$25,000 + The Big Factors
That Determine Cost Processor Memory Disk Redundancy Other Features Lots to think about
+ not much fun = ? Some Alternatives
to DIY Hosting Software as a Service
(SaaS) Cloud Computing Outsourcing My Recommendations:

1. Don't buy any more servers.
2. If you must buy servers, get some help.
3. Get a real server...don't use your desktop.
4. Back up your data.
5. Test your backups...frequently.
6. Have a plan for the day the server fails
(all servers fail!) Applications to start with
in SaaS, Hosting, or Cloud:

Website and blog
Collaboration tools Thank You! Don't forget about the
Operating System
and Licenses And the Network And so far, we're still just talking servers... And the Datacenter
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