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Relocating to Switzerland

International Management

Raquel De Mayo

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Relocating to Switzerland

Switzerland is known for
Colors in Switzerland
Swiss Flag:
Red-Freedom/ honor
White-Faith in Christianity
Other Colors:
Gold-Money/ Wealth
Silver- Sophistication
Green- Earth
White- Nature
Swiss-German: 19 of 26 Cantons
French: 4 of 26 Cantons
Italian: 4 of 26 Cantons
Rhaeto-Rumantsch: Very rare, used in trilingual cantons.
Other languages: lots of foreigners in Switzerland.
Some cantons are bilingual and some are trilingual.
Roman Catholic: 42%
Protestant: 35%
Muslim: 4%
Buddhist: 0.3%
Jewish: 0.2%
No Religion: 11%
Swiss breakfast
Basel Flour Soup
Bank secrecy
Chocolate and Swiss knives
Lakes, The Alps
Capital: Bern
Area: 15,940 square miles
Cantons: 26
Population (approximately): 8 million
Age Expectancy:
Men: 80 years old
Women: 85 years old
Mountainous, hills, forest, lakes
Winter: Average temperature-28° - 45°F
Spring/Fall: Average temperatures: 46° - 59° F
Summer: Average temperatures: 65° - 82° F
Swiss places to eat:
8/1: Swiss National Day
11/11: The Carnival
12/6: Santa Claus’ Day

Alphorn: type of instrument that only uses the player’s lips to make sound
Hornussen: Type of game, that is still very important in rural areas, mixture between hockey and golf.
Rifle-running: Race of all the men that are in the military, which includes running with their rifle and their bag.
Six O’ Clock Ringing: One week after Easter, will show how good summer will be.
Punctual, firm handshakes, conservative, English is spoken during meetings, and fair bargainers.
International trade fairs
Art: Galleries, museums, and architects
Ancient and modern
Gothic and Romanesque
Music: festival and concerts
Lots of local bands
Soccer, Ice-hockey, skiing, snowboarding, handball, basketball, figure skating, volleyball, rope parks, rafting, airboarding, and tobogganing
Largest city in Switzerland
The city is home to a large number of financial institutions and banking giants.
Most of Switzerland's research and development centers are concentrated in Zürich and the low tax rates attract overseas companies to set up their headquarters there.
Monocle's 2012 "Quality of Life Survey" ranked Zurich first on a list of the top 25 cities in the world "to make a base within"
Public transport is extremely popular in Zürich
The ZVV is a public transportation network system, combining rail, bus, tram, trolleybus, lake boat and cable car services in the canton of Zürich
A 2009 survey by Mercer found shows that Geneva has the third-highest quality of life of any city in the world
The fourth and fifth most expensive city in the world in 2009 and 2011 respectively
Geneva's economy is mainly services oriented
Geneva is a global city, a financial center, and worldwide center for diplomacy due to the presence of numerous international organizations
Headquarter of the United Nations and the Red Cross
Geneva is the city that hosts the highest number of international organizations in the world
A Global City
Visa and Transportation
Finance and Banking
Opening a Swiss Bank Account

From outside of Switzerland
Once in the country
Numbered, or private account
Banks require:
Personal Information
Passport-sized photograph
Financial documents
Proof of origins of the funds (information will be checked)
US citizens are required to sign a document agreeing to notify the IRS of all transfers over a certain amount.
*Rejecting customers
Cell Phone companies:
Swisscom, Orange and Sunrise
Sample Mobile Plans with Swisscom:
US$185 per month:
Unlimited to calls to EU, US, Canada and others
200 SMS, Roaming inside the EU
US$35 per month:
Basic plan with local calls
• When applying for a working Visa to Switzerland, the embassy can require a declaration of financial solvency signed by a Swiss resident acting as a sponsor. The sponsor acts as a guarantor for potential costs during the foreigners’ stay.
Financial Solvency
Swiss Franc (CHF)
Schweizer Franken in German
Franc suisse in French
Franco svizzero in Italian
As of 2010, the Swiss Franc is the sixth most traded currency in the world
Current trade is US$1.10 for CHF 1.00
Possible to get by on Euro in major cities
Internet at Home Plans with Swisscom:
Between US$37 and US$101 per month
Special Package:
US$309 per month
Digital TV + internet + landline + best mobile plan
Digital TV + internet + landline + basic mobile plan
Internet at Home Plans with Swisscom:
Between US$37 and US$101 per month
Special Package:
US$309 per month
Digital TV + internet + landline + best mobile plan
Digital TV + internet + landline + basic mobile plan
Swiss Post
Reliable, modern, with wide range of services:
Mobile app for tracking
Financial services (credit cards, savings/checking accounts)
Online shopping
Mobile phone recycling
Property insurance
Museum passes
Criminal record
What to expect
1920s design with a very modern renovated interior
Ground floor apartments may have small patios or shared garden/barbecue areas
Smaller than your use to
Large homes with 5 or 6 bedrooms are very scarce
Option of getting a furnished house
Required Information for Renting
Marital status and number of children
Profession and employer
A letter of reference or indication of employment from your employer
Residency or visa status
Copies of passports and visas
Number and type of pets
Planned duration of stay
May be under historical monumental protection
The closer you are to the lake and city the more expensive the apartments will be
The further you live from the city the cheaper the land becomes
Less than 40 percent of people own their homes
Buying property is not a good investment
Switzerland restricts the rights of some non-nationals to buy property
Housing Rules
One year fixed rent is expected
Leave it as you found it
Three months notice must be given
Moving dates are in March, June and September; December is not permitted
Quiet Hours
May not allow pets
Deciding factors on where to live
What is available
Near children school
children must attend their local school
What you can afford
Where you work
The cost of living in Switzerland is among the highest in the world, but workers also earn among the highest salaries
Salaries are usually paid once a month and often based on a 13-month system
No statutory minimum wage in Switzerland
Some labor agreements set minimum salaries in specific fields: catering and hotel branches
One in four wage earners is foreign
Economy could not function without foreign workers of all sorts
Agreement between Switzerland and EU on free movement of people has attracted workers from EU countries
Abolished law that gave Swiss citizens priority over foreigners.
Average 41.7 hours a week on the clock
Entitled to paid leave of at least 20 working days per year
A survey of 72 cities around the world by Swiss bank UBS in 2012 showed that both Zurich and Geneva still offered the highest net salaries and highest purchasing power compared to other cities.
Doing Business in Switzerland
Conservatism, empirical-thinking, and prefer to stick to the rules
Meeting by appointment only
Dress well, but modestly
Address someone first by his or her professional title
They are private people
avoid asking personal questions
avoid making jokes until you are sure of your ground
Safe topics
world politics and economics
your travel in Switzerland
positive aspect of Switzerland
Topics to avoid
Swiss neutrality
Switzerland’s role during both world wars
Swiss military
Voting right for women
Business & Jobs
Body language
Do not point your index finger to your head
Wining an Dining
Business entertainment is mostly done in restaurants
Try to finish everything on your plate
keep hands on the table during the meal, keep your elbows off the table
Gift-giving protocol
Gifts are exchanged after the successful conclusion of negotiations and not before
Health Care
Purchased by Individual within
three months of moving.
This basic plan covering your family would
require a monthly payment of $700 with a
deductible of $250.
After six months you can sign
up with the Swiss system for
$966 a month for the basic plan.
Having a child
Confirm the pregnancy
Pre-natal checkups
Costs associated with delivery
Monitored for 10 days by nurse or midwife
Register child with canton within 3 months of birth or before.
Postnatal checkup
14 weeks maternity leave

Homicide rate of 1
In comparison Florida has a 5.2 rating
Zurich, Geneva, Vaud and Bern experience the
highest rates of crime
Zurich has 17.5 percent of the population but
30.9 percent of aggravated assault and 31.7
percent of sexual crimes.
6.7 percent homicides and 14.1 percent
threats to life.
70% of the crime is committed by
resident foreigners or
illegal immigrants
National Initiative for the
Deportation of criminal aliens:
Improving Security
Steps to Safety
Most likely crime acts is theft.
Particularly risky places:
Crowded places; public transport, historic
monuments and sights, and markets.
Avoid wearing flashy and expensive
jewelry or clothes.
Home security
Neighborhood watch
Actions for Victims
The telephone numbers for the emergency
services are:
Police – 112
Medical/ambulance services
emergencies – 144
Fire department - 118.
Programs to assist victims of crime

Work permits are divided in three categories depending on the length of the stay and the type of work you will do.
L, or short-term residence permit.
B, or initial residence permit.
C, or permanent residence permit.

Arriving to Switzerland from Tampa
Direct flight from Tampa to Zurich
Non-direct flight from Tampa to Geneva
Opening a Bank Account
Cantonal and Local Government
The states that united in 1848 to form the Confederacy
Have broad authority and possess powers not given to the federal government
Smallest state structure
3,000 Political communes in Switzerland responsible for public utilities, roads and they determine Swiss citizenship
Politics and Foreign Affairs
Strong history of neutrality has united the Swiss people who are multi-ethnic and multilingual
Army serves to protect independence only
Not a member of the E.U. nor NATO
Joined the UN in 2002 (shows a slight change in neutrality)
Has served as a neutral intermediary
Switzerland has low corruption and low extremism
Cultural Dimensions
Cultural Dimensions cont.
Government Overview
Multi-party federal parliamentary democratic republic
Switzerland’s Official name is still the “Swiss Confederation,” although, it has actually been a federal state since 1848
Based their constitution on the United States’ constitution but is more extensive
Three political levels: The Confederation, the cantons, and the communes
The Confederation
Switzerland does not have a full time president
Three powers of government: The Federal Council, The Federal Assembly, and The Federal Supreme Court
Direct Democracy
Referendums and initiatives are voted on frequently by the people (several times a year for federal and more often for cantonal issues)
Turnout is relatively low for voting
Minority rights have generally been respected
Power distance is low for German speaking Switzerland (26) and high for the French speaking part (70)
Overall, Switzerland is individualistic, masculine, short term oriented and prefers avoiding uncertainty
American Places to eat:
Public Schools
Taught in German or French
Students are sent home for lunch
Bilingual Schools
Expensive/20,000 CHF in annual tuition
Classes are taught in two different languages
World's best education system
Cantons are responsible for educational services
Most children go to public schools
Every child must attend at least the elementary school
School year starts in the middle of August
Dangge und Gueti Reis!

Merci et Bon Voyage!

Grazie and Buon Viaggio!
Private Schools
Day and boarding
International Schools
Expensive/35,000 CHF per year
Best if stay only a couple years
Waiting list so apply early
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