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Expectations for the classroom

J Heckman

on 3 September 2018

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Transcript of Expectations

Steps to a great year!
Be on time!
Have your materials!
Be ready to learn!
Find out what you missed!
Use electronics
If you bring it,
I collect it.
To your school/ community!
To your teachers!
Listen quietly
To your friends and classmates!
To yourself!
Have fun!
Do your homework!
Rule: All electronics on the top corner of your desk.
1. I take your device and it stays with me until the end of the day.
2. IPad: Delete the app/ guided access, and it stays with me for the day.
Phone: Mine for day and contact home.
3. IPad: Same as above, and contact home.
Phone: Same as above/ to office.
Gum fundraiser.
Charge your iPad!!!
Especially if you are in the morning classes.
Bring your charger with you if you forget to do it at night!
If electronics become a problem:
If you struggle, get help before then end of the unit!
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