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21st Century Math

Sample Prezi for High School Students

Sean Williams

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of 21st Century Math

I will show you how to graph an ordered pair on a coordinate plane!
But first let me show what a coordinate plane is...
Now let me show you how to graph an ordered pair.
Next, you must go up (+3) spaces on the y axis.
Next, you must go right (+)2 on the x axis.
Next, you must go up (+3) on the x axis.
This point is named Point B.
Welcome to the Algebra Prezi!
This is a Prezi on one of Rene Decarte's discoveries!
21st Century Math
What is 21st century math?
21st Century Math incorporates technology into the class!
21st Century Math uses innovative tools such as prezi to help students express themselves!
21st Century Math challenges students to understand how things work in a technological society.
21st Century Math transforms the way we work together and solve problems.
Do you know how to graph an ordered pair on a graph now?
Now you're going to learn how to do your own prezi! Be sure to leave a comment on this prezi.
To graph the ordered pair B at(2,3) frst, start at the origin.
Algebra Final Review
Algebra 1 Concepts
Systems of Equations
Solving One Step Equations
Solving Two Step Equations
Solving Multistep Equations
Consecutive Integers Equations
Writing & Graphing Linear Equations
Here's a list of concepts that you may choose from to create your prezi!
Rene Descartes (1596 - 1650)
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