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on 5 February 2016

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Transcript of Nike

By: Taylor Simkowski & Bryce Schure

Land/Natural Resources:
The natural wealth of a country, consisting of land, forests, water, etc., to make goods and services

Labor/Human Resources:
The work that is put into making a good or service.

Capital Resources:
goods made and used to produce other goods and services.

the development of taking an idea and turning it into a profitable business.

Nike is the world leader in athletic shoes. But that's not all, they have a wide variety of products to sell which they make in factories all over the world. For example even though Nike's first products were track running shoes, they now make shoes, jerseys, shorts, baselayers and get equipment for a wide range of sports including track & field, baseball, football, ice hockey, and basketball. Nike has put itself ahead of their competitors due to its strong advertising and slogan campaign. The dynasty of Nike started escalating soon after their slogan “Just Do It”. Ever since then Nike has been the go to product.

Background history for Nike


In order to make Nike apparel, they have to have many materials and fabrics. Without these resources, there would be nothing to produce. They plan their new ideas first by having designers think of logos and new designs for products. Then they gather their materials and have sewers and factories to make the product, which is labor. The natural resources Nike uses is cotton for the fabric, water to grow the cotton, and oil to run the machines. The man made items used in production is fabric, sewing machines, and computers.

cotton for fabric, water to grow cotton, and oil for machines
sewers, factory workers, designers
fabric, computers, sewing machines


The next step is to get these items and apparel ready to sell. They do this by putting the products in boxes and shipping them to distribution centers so they can get shipped to stores. The labor these workers put in is making the boxes for pack the products in, putting the products in the boxes and sealing them, and then the people who make tape in order to get the merchandise to the stores in one piece. The natural resources uses is trees to make paper and cardboard, and sunlight and water to grown the trees. The man made items used for packaging is boxes, tape, and machines.

land: trees to make paper, sunlight to grow trees, water to grow trees
labor: box makers, people putting merchandise in boxes, people who make tape
capital: boxes, tape, machines


The last step is to distribute all of the merchandise, made in factories, to stores all around the world. The boxes are loaded into the transportation unit and shipped to the specific locations. The labor that goes into this is the truck/plane/boat drivers who take the products to the locations, the people who load and unload the trucks/planes/boats, and the business/technology people who assign what store gets what products and how many of each. The natural resources used are oil for the trucks to run, latex, which is grown from plants, to make rubber, and sand to make glass. The man made items made for distribution is trucks/planes/boats, scanners for documenting the items, and the stores where the items are sold at.

land: oil for the trucks to run, latex (grown from plants) to make rubber, sand to make glass
labor: truck drivers, people who load and unload trucks, people who assign what store gets what
capital: trucks, scanners, stores

Customer Satisfaction

Nike satisfies their customers in many different ways. One way Nike makes sure they have loyal customers is by promoting their apparel on top athletes and teams around the world. These athletes and teams are not in one specific sport either. To name a few, Nike sponsors Cristiano Ronaldo(soccer), Rory Mcllroy(golfer) and Kevin Durant(basketball player). They sponsor these athletes to show that these athletes are so good because of the Nike products they are wearing. Not only does Nike sponsor teams and their athletes but they also went and sponsored colleges too.
Nike also keeps customers loyal by replacing items that break while under warranty. For example if your shoe rips or your cleats break in some way, you can ship it back or take it back to the store and get your money back. Nike has also gone as far as giving you the newest model if they had a lot of problems with the old model. Nike always finds a way to satisfy their customers which is one of many reasons why they are head of all competition.
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