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alexander the great

No description

levi faber

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of alexander the great

Birth Death Alexander learned the art of war early in life. His father knew that Alexander would eventually have to rule his empire. This came faster than he expected, at 16yrs old Alexander became ruler of Macedonia. At the time of his fathers death his provinces were rebelling using cunning military strategys and fear in his favor he forced the rebelling people back. His military strategys often meant demoralizing the enemy by crucifying or selling the inhabitants of the country in to slavery. He also was a fearless leader leading his men into battle at the front providing the troops with extra courage. Rise to power Alexander the great was one of the first military commander of his time to use a small better trained and equipped army of about 40,00 to fight instead of large poorly equipped army s. Strength isn't always in numbers but also depends on morale of troops equipment and leadership. All of which his army posesed. Alexander the great died in babolyn in 323 B.C at
age thirty two. It is suspected that his ex wife
poisned him or he died of apendicitis. Alexander the great is born on or around July 20, 356 B.C to
king Phillip of macedonia, there isn't much information about
Alexander when he was young but a fact i found interesting is that he studied philosophy under Aristotle Taking the throne Military strategys Conquests One of the first larger countries Alexander invaded was Egypt in 331 B.C. This was one of many that be included in his empire that streched across Asia and Europe. He also conqured India and sucesfully kept it in his control until his death when a an indian prince took back his power. Kingdoms Alexander the great was one of the most skilled military rulers in that time period. He was feared by
many. His life abrubtly ended when when he died on a conquest at age 34 ended his amazing military career. Bibliography Http/www.britannacia/alexenderthegreat./
The world in the time of Alexander the great by Fiona Macdonald
Life in Ancient Greece
by silver burdeet picture history.
Google for pictures.
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