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Vocab Lesson 9

No description

Library Media

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Vocab Lesson 9

Vocab Lesson 9 By:Kennedy Dense When something is made of things that are very close together,it is dense This parking lot is very dense. Reaction A response to something that happens is a reaction. This baby had a reaction when someone scared him. Ingredients Ingredients are all the foods and spices that you use to make a certain kind of food These are the ingredients for chocolate cake. Momentum If an action or idea grows quickly and it is hard to stop it has momentum The train was gaining momentum as it went down the hill. Famine When there is a famine, there is not enough food to feed everyone This bird is in a famine so the bunny brought it an apple. Generous People who are generous are happy to share with others. It is generous to donate money to the poor. curiosity Something that is called curiosity is something odd or unusual that interest people Curios George has lots of curiosity Gaze A gaze is a long look at something. I could not stop gazing when I saw a famous Alabama Football player Agreeable Something that is agreeable is pleasing to the senses Parents are always happy when there child is agreeable Banquet If you are going to a banquet, you are going to a special meal that will have a large amount of food. My brother is going to a football banquet
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