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Political Cartoons

No description

Brandon Rizzo

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of Political Cartoons

Political Cartoons
Brandon Rizzo
Period 4

This political cartoon goes back to President
Obama's State of the Union speech when
he offers free college. It makes a joke about
how Obama is really going to give people
free college and it's by the taxpayer's money.
This political cartoon shows
that President Obama forgot to discuss the important topic in his State of the Union speech.
January 2015
January 2015
This shows how Obama always says that he'll go after the rich or the upper class to help out the middle class.
January 2015
March 2015
This political cartoon shows that the
government no longer provides
information for the citizens and doesn't
let citizens know what the government
is doing.
This shows how the FCC is
trying to throw more regulations
on the internet which is bad
because that means that the
FCC will be restricting or
controlling access to certain parts
of the internet.
February 2015
This political cartoon shows that 2014 had to
deal with a lot of problems and 2015 is bound
to have to deal with more problems.
January 2015
February 2015
This shows that the IRS will be able to charge and arrest citizens for not complying with the mandates of Obama care.
March 2015
This political cartoon is comparing Iran to a time bomb and that Obama is getting mixed up with it and it could be dangerous and Obama is attempting to cut one of the wires which might ignite the bomb. The Prime Minister of Israel is cutting Obama's arm to try to diffuse him from messing up and causing a war.
January 2015
This political cartoon shows Obama going after business owners to try and lower taxes on the middle class when it harms them because they end up losing their jobs due to price hikes and layoffs.
March 2015
This political cartoon represents how Governor Mike Pence is being crushed by politics, which is the pen that he used to sign the the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana, this is in response to the people and their disagreement towards the act.

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