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How Does Dance Influence People In Peru To Epress Themselves

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Simran Brar

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of How Does Dance Influence People In Peru To Epress Themselves

How Does Dance Influence People In Peru To Epress Themselves?
?Como Nos Expresamos?
Big Pregunta= How does dance influence people in Peru to express themselves?
What are the different types of Peruvian dance?
What are any famous Peruvian dancers?
How is dance in peru used?
Different Types Of Peruvian Dance
-Zamacueca is an old style of music and dance. The types of music used are African Descent and Hispanic
-Diablada is a dance that represents the forces of good and evil. It potrays bringing both elements together.
-Tarkada is performed during the feast of carnivals. It originates from the region Tacna in Peru.
- Danza De Tijeras is also known as the scissor dance. It is an original dance from south Andes in Peru.
-Vals Peruano is also known as the "Peruvian Waltz"
Different Peruvian Dance Groups
De rompe y raja is a cultural organization that was found in 1995 dedicated to perserving and promoting traditions and culture from the coastal region of Peru. Their dance genre is afro-peruvian.
How Do People In Peru Use Dance?
Peruvian dance is used at many occasions. Most of the time it is used for celebration and feastivals like the Tarkada dance. A lot of the time people in Peru also use dance just like us, for entertainment and enjoyment! But in Peru dance is considered as a festive way to promote culture.
In conclusion I can say that Peruvian dance is very influencial because of all of the traditional and cultural parts to it. Also a lot of Peruvian dancers and dance crews include a lot of emotion and cultural beliefs to their performances.
De Rompe Y Raja
My New Understanding
To show my new understanding I decided to mashup a couple of peruvian dances. The dances that i used are all different types of peruvian dance.
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