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MOOC- Online English Course

No description

Fahita Advani

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of MOOC- Online English Course

Massive Online Open Course MOOC What is MOOC? Massive online open course

Open access to the web and teaching materials

Only needs internet connection and willingness to learn

Allows teaching in an informal, collaborative way

Allows users to exchange ideas, experiences, knowledge regardless of expertise, age and background. MOOC- 12 Week English Course My proposal for the oldest Indonesian NGO- Walhi to promote English as a second language

No age restrictions, very basic English lessons

Online resources, classes twice a week for 2 hours

Accessible page for lectures, podcasts

Other resources used: Facebook and Twitter

Facebook group, Twitter page Pedagogical Approach Connectivist

The starting point for learning occurs when knowledge is actuated through the process of a learner connecting to and feeding information into a learning community

learning community is described as a node, which is a part of a larger network

A network is comprised of two or more nodes linked in order to share resources

Promotes discussion and collaboration Challenges Relevant Literature Siemens (2005) Connectivism: Learning as Network Creation

Castells (2010) Communication Power

Downes (2005) An Introduction to Connective Knowledge

Laurillard (2012) Teaching as a design science 'The fundamental key is the quality of the teachers, and this quality comes from the enthusiasm and the social recognition of the teacher role in society.' (Castells, 2012)

Castells also identified that the university system is the fundamental key of the education system, and is facing some problems:

Is not adapting to society and its reality
Is keeping professorial privileges
Is not adapted to technology
Is not listening to the demands of society
And is not sensible to the interest of the students Disadvantages Need for basic literacy

Students used to conventional learning might be confused

Lack of socialising

Academic dishonesty Learning occurs in an informal, collaborative way so students are free to express themselves

Can be viewed, shared, critiqued, used for discussions for free

Flexibility- students can attend when they wish

Participants don't always have to be registered in institution

Distance and boundaries don't matter, improves networking skills Advantages Qualified English teacher with good ICT skills and an IT Coordinator

Feedback every 3 weeks from students

Try to improve things based on feedback

Online assessments with feedback from teacher Background THANK YOU Snapshot
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