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chris mcfadden

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Petroleum

Sience/4th Hour
Chris McFadden
Autum Orman
Petroleum is nonrenewable

Mrs. Grimes
Nonrenewable resources are natural resources that cannot be replaced by natural processes as quickly as it is used.
products made from petroleum include,

dishwashing liquids

CDs and DVDs
heart valves

Petroleum has been around since 3,000 BC.

located in underground area called reservoir
refined in lighting and heating

How Crude Oil Is Refined Into Petroleum Products?
in order to work at a oil plant you need to be trained for this kind of work

Is petroleum used in Missouri?
Some oils can be found in the United States. Most of our oils are found in the oceans and from the ocean we get around 18.2 million barrels a day of petroleum (crude oil ,natural gas,plants,liquids).
In the United States the average land percentage is around 9.4 million gallons per day. This percentage is about 16.3 million dollars a day
Yes, petroleum is used worldwide.
We use them to fuel our cars, airplanes, to heat our homes, and to produce products like medicines and plastics.
Petroleum is produced in 31 states in the U.S
The U.S relies on net imports for around 40% for the petroleum used.
About 20% of petroleum is found on the Gulf of Mexico.
Oil is commonly found in Northern and Western Missouri in "oil shale"
Disadvantages of Petroleum
1. True
2. nonrenewable
3. (c) gulf of mexico
4. Separation, conversion, treatment
5. 19.3 billion gallons per year.
Reviews Answers.
Autum's Work Cited
Advantages Of Using Petroleum
The amount of petroleum in the the ocean is almost two times as on land. The petroleum in the water is harder to reach because of it being in the water. It is hard to find machines that can get to the petroleum because of the water and because of the hard ocean floor

1. True or False: Petroleum is a type of oil?

2. Petroleum is a ___________ resource?

3. Petroleum is found on the?
A) the dessert
B) Alaska
C) Gulf of Mexico

4. What are the steps to cleaning the petroleum?

5. how much petroleum is produced in one year ?

easily transported liquid
petroleum is a fuel that is quit cleaner
Highly compact portable source of energy used for most forms of mechanical transportation.
over 400 oil spills happen yearly
oil spills affect the land and animals that live there
may cause the lost of species that are endangered
Petroleum is a nonrenewable source that is easily found in the United States and on the Gulf of Mexico. Petroleum is used to make many things we use in our daily lives. Digging for petroleum oil in the ocean can cause oil spills, which can cause many animals to be harmed.
Woodward, John. Converving the Enivorment. Greenhaven Press: 143. Print.
Tearney, Philip. "Roc Matters." Missouri Resources. 2013: 24. Print.
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United States . U.S Energy Information. EIA Energy Kids - Oil. Web. <http://www.eia.gov/kids/energy.cfm?page=oil_home-basics>.
Is Petroleum Used In The U.S?
At a refinery, different parts of the crude oil is separated into useable petroleum products.
There are 3 easy parts: Separation, conversion, and treatment.
Separation- inside the towers, the liquids and vapors are separated according to weight and boiling point.
Conversion- the most used method of conversion is cracking. Heat and pressure is used to crack heavy hydrocarbon molecules into lighter ones.
Treatment - All finishing touches are made during this step. A variety of streams from the processing units
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