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Bullying unit

Tair and Moran's presentation for Sarah's course

Moran Huli

on 12 July 2013

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Transcript of Bullying unit

Bullying Unit
The unit will discuss the different aspects of bullying.
This specific unit is adjusted for 10th graders - minimum; given the content we used which is unsuitable for younger children.
Lesson #1
H.W assignment:
Forum discussion lead by two main questions
Have you ever witnessed/took part/been bullied?
Explain the situation, how you reacted, and how you felt.
If you didn't experience one of the above, try to predict how you would react if you did.
What kinds of different bullying types do you know?
Lesson #2
Ways to raise awareness about bullying
As a victim
As a witness
Dealing with Bullying:
Lesson #3
Final Unit Project
True Stories Presentations
Background on the chosen victim
Name, age, grade, etc.
Cause and details of the harassment
How did the victim deal with the situation?
How did the situation end?
Ways the situation could have been prevented
Personal reflection blogs:
(In Pairs | Presented in lessons 4 and 5)
[Due a week after the last lesson of the unit (3 lessons from now)]
In singles, submit a short reflection (approx. one page) about the whole unit experience in a personal blog (only the teacher can see).
Content should include emotions raised during the progress of the unit; specific things you related to/interest you; thoughts about the information you gained, true stories you heard/presented, and the movie we will see in lesson 6.
(Assignment is given from now while lessons are still fresh in the students' minds; ideally they should begin now and finish only after lesson 6)
Lesson #6
Screening the movie "Cyberbully"
Google Docs: Collaborative Anti Bullying Aids
Our Dry Run Week
Announcing the activation of our Dry Run
The instructions
The Google Docs' Format
Presenting the Dry Run
Participants' Output
Tell somebody!
Stay near!
Lift up your spirit!
Be a friend!
Go to a youth center!
Approach someone!
Share real life stories!
Lip Dub/video clip project!
Freedom of expression
Being Moderators
Aesthetics, organization, spelling, etc.
Announcements, updates, promoting participation, supervision
This activity was chosen from a few technical tools we used in our unit because...
Suitable for all ages
Added value
Useful for future problems
Reflections About Our Dry Run Week
As Moderators
As Participants
We enjoyed preparing the activity and using Google Docs for the first time

We liked having the responsibility of managing and supervising the activity
We enjoyed seeing the cooperation from our fellow colleagues
Exposure to other very interesting subjects
Discover other teams' activities and where they went with their project
We enjoyed and appreciated the freedom to choose in which activity we will participate
Created & Submitted By:
Moran Huli & Tair Buhadana

Sarah Schrire
English In Computing-Based Environments Course

Due Date: 12.7.2013
Unit's Objectives
In the process of the unit, students will discuss the topic in the target language in several aspects.
They will share their experiences, thoughts, ideas, and cooperate to find solutions.
Finally, they will present their final project in class, orally and visually (PP/Prezi) .
Lesson's Objectives:
Presentation: students react to the content of something read/seen/heard. (Class discussion following opening clips)
Social interaction: Students answer questions on a wide range of general topic, and express ideas and opinions providing in depth explanations. (Forum discussion)
Presentation: Student express ideas and opinions about general topics and experiences. (Forum discussion)
Opening Clip
Prediction of the unit's topic
Mind map and class discussion about the subject and the feelings it raises.
Review and discussion about the answers given in the forum
Presentation and class discussion about different bullying types and true stories
Homework Assignment
Each student contributes his suggestions to the Google Docs according to the given format.
Presentation: Students react to the content of something read/seen/heard, and present conclusions based on the integration of the results of information obtained through different means (presentation and discussion about dealing and raising awareness ways)
Social interaction: Students interact for purposes such as giving advice and express ideas and opinions providing in depth explanations. (Google Docs assignment)
Presentation: Students design different means for collecting information. (Google Docs assignment)
Lesson's Objectives
Review and discussion about the Google Docs collaborative class collection
Discussion about things that were actually done to raise awareness about bullying
Social interaction: Students engage in extend conversation, using language to suit context, audience, and purpose.
Access to information: Students integrate information from different sources for a specific purpose; and use additional information tools such as guided use of search engines.
Presentation: Students present information in depth, synthesizing information from various sources and use given criteria such as a checklist to prepare presentations.
(All of the above are of the final project, including the reflection blogs)
Appreciation of literature and culture: students communicate a personal response in writing to a literary text (reflection blogs, after watching the movie in the lesson 6)

Lesson's Objectives
In pairs, search the web and find a true story about bullying (ended either good or bad). Prepare a 10 minutes presentation to the class about the story you picked, be sure to use the criteria checklist and provide a bibliography.
General instructions
Remind submission of personal reflection blogs in a week.
In order to maintain the purity of what participants were trying to convey, participants' written content was not edited by us, only spelling and aesthetics.
Main Reflection
Language learning is facilitated when:
Pupils interact, share information, exchange ideas and opinions, and work together.
Pupils have opportunities for problem solving in the target language.
Pupils can see the usefulness of what they are learning
English Curriculum Principles Underlying Language Learning:
Going into the preparation of the final project, we immediately knew we were going to do this project together; this was because we already had a distinct subject in mind, which we both connected to and explored before.
Bullying is such a widespread phenomenon; therefore, we set our minds to teach it in the most extraordinary way we could think of. The stories related to bullying are so moving that we didn’t even consider another subject; we immediately knew this was going to be our theme. Due to our mutual interest in this subject, it was very easy for us to work together; the vibe was great because our ideas just flew in and we just had to pick amongst them.
During the making of the project, we learned how to use Prezi, which was great because we really liked it and look forward to using it in other projects. The way you can arrange your thoughts and ideas on a digital canvas is really practical and easy to understand.
Working on the project gave us a lot of ideas and experience for future units, and the course itself taught us how to implement and use them correctly.
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