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Eco voc

No description

Crystal Eoff

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Eco voc

Gross Domestic
product Chapter 12
Vocab Measure of a country's economic out put by measuring all the goods and services made or exchanged within a countries borders Picture: "domestic car"
good sold with our borders
from the 1930's "domestic era National Income Accounting Set of stats that measure the income and
Out put for a country. Pictures Nations & accounting! Crystal eoff
period 6 Intermediate Goods Good used to produce final goods Durable goods Goods that last a
long time Nondurable Goods Goods that don't last a long time Nominal GDP Gross domestic product
measured in current prices Real GDP Gross domestic product expressed in constant, or
unchanging, prices Gross National Product The annual income
earned by U.S. residents Depreciation The loss of the value of capital equipment that results from normal wear and tear, or, a decrease in the value of a currency. Price Level The average of all prices in the economy Aggregate Supply The total amount of goods and services in the economy available at all possible price levels.
Aggregate Demand Business Cycle A period of
by a period of
contraction. Economic Growth long-term increase in real GDP. Peak The height of
an economic
expansion, when
real GDP stops rising. Trough The lowest point in an economic contraction, when real gross domestic product stops falling. Recession Depression Stagflation Leading Indicators Real GDP Per Capita Capital Deepening Saving Income not used for consumption. Savings Rate The proportion of disposable income that is saved.
"Current" technology
"current" prices Unchanging like a rock most walmart empolyees are american
thus their annual income is an example rusted car, is less valuable List of prices
water levels A bunch of supplies = a bunch of apples A prolonged economic contraction. The amount of goods and services in the economy that will be purchased at all possible price levels. Picture- its a nerd joke, for "aggroing mobs" in a game. Aggro - aggregate get it? its a bit hard to explain Nerdy buinessman with bike gear
Growth in the Money tree! There is no way but
down from a moutain top Picture:
Falling literally, falling GDP Contraction Period of economic decline marked by falling real GDP. Can't stop the fall in the
GDP. Much like you can't stop a mud slide Ther only why is up from the bottem of the valley. And there is alway a nice view there. within a depression one may feel hopeless as if actually depressed An extreemly long and econimically painful recession when a country's inflation rate is high and unemployment rate is high Stale bread- stale- for "stag" and since
everyones broke stale bread is all they can afford Signs that speak for economic health. Examples of leading indicators include production workweek, building permits, unemployment insurance claims, money supply, inventory changes, and stock prices. a red flag is a sign for
when things go wrong Statistic obtained by dividing GDP
by the country's population thats a crowd, to represent the large population GDP
per capita is drawn from. term used to describe when
GDP per capita is increasing. Oil well- the deeper the more profit to be had Commentary ?
What was my favorite slide? Its a piggy bank!!! Precent sign is green to represent the amount of money allocated The piggy bank of course!!! SO CUTE!! Not really this one is my favorite it looks like i knew what i was talking about but we all know the truth but we all know the truth
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