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Why You Should Ship Johnlock

No description

Emma Croteau

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Why You Should Ship Johnlock

Why You Shits Should Ship Johnlock
Another Thing:
When asked about the subject, Benedict Cumberbatch said that he ships Johnlock, and has even seen the fanart, and has read the fanfics.... That's right, motherfucking Sherlock Holmes ships Johnlock.
Look at how sad this little shit is. He's all ready for John's wedding day, the day that he knows John will never be his, and he's all depressed..... It's alright, baby, dry your tears. Mary dies soon <3
Even Mrs. Hudson ships it.
Even Mrs. Hudson, our favorite little old landlady, ships Johnlock. She has openly told John that he should get a piece of that ass. (Okay, maybe not in those exact words...)
Sherlock smiles when John looks away
You little losers need to realize, Sherlock used to never smile. All of a sudden, this fucker John comes along, and every time that little hedgehog looks away, Sherlock smiles. SMILES BITCHES. Sherlock doesn't even smile at his reflection, let alone other people.
So, fuckboys, this is why you should ship Johnlock.
I hope you twats enjoyed my little presentation. And if any of you tittle-tattles object, I hope you all die horribly, get sent to hell, and get ass-raped by a huge dragon with a firey dick for the rest of eternity. If you agree, disregard that last message, and I love you <3
Alright, you dickbags,listen up. It's time to learn all about why you should ship Johnlock.
First of all, look at Sherlock. He looks so sad, because John's all straight and shit. Our favorite detective's bummed out because his true love's getting married to some random bitch.* I feel for you Sherlock, my bae's getting married to someone else too......
*I don't hate Mary, FYI
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