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An introduction to Tute+. Click the arrow to begin.

Tute Education

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Tute+

In the USA online tutoring is a first
choice option when considering
student development– indeed over
half of mainstream courses now
include some form of
online component. “On average, students in online learning conditions performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction.”

US Dept of Education, 2011 In the UK, the Sutton Trust last year recommended
tutoring as one of the top 5 preferred options when
deploying the Pupil Premium. "Tutoring delivers a potential student attainment gain of 5 months across maths and English” Until now, tutoring has been seen as a high cost option – indeed the most capital expensive solution of the top 5 options the Trust recommended. So ensuring outstanding results from such an investment has been key, and
open to question. But that has now changed forever with the launch of Tute+. . Tute+ is ground breaking and marks
a step change in tutoring. It takes the best of one-to-one learning, and through advanced technology allows a one-to-many solution without the loss of the individual experience. In so doing, it fundamentally changes the economics of the tutoring model: quality, measurable teaching is still being delivered but for 80% less cost. Indeed, Tute can deliver online teaching for as little £5 per child, sometimes less. So a full half term of weekly
lessons, delivered by UK
qualified teachers, trained
specifically in online
teaching and experienced
in teaching in the classroom
will cost around £30
per student. Which, when you are increasingly being
judged on value for money and
appropriate deployment of
budgets, tips the scales
firmly in your favour. Adopt online tutoring as part of your school solution, and ensure that you strike an appropriate balance.
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