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describing assigned theorist

brittany peck

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of theorist

Who is this??? His work has become the foundation of
much research and theories in cognitive
development He developed the social development theory and a socio-cultural approch to cognitive development he believed that no single principle can account for development said "individual development cannot be understood without reference to the social
and cultural context within which it is embedded. he was a soviet psycologist founder of cultural-historical psycology places more emphasis on:
social factors
the role of language
and how they effect cognitive development The awnser is
Lev Vygotsky Who do YOU think this is? said that socializing with adults or more
capable peers equips children with words,
concepts and techniques that help them
learn worked isolated from mainstream
philosophists lived from 1896-1934 developed theories of learning
similair to those of Paget Wrote the books
Thought and Language and The Crisis of Psychology By. Brittany Peck
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