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Copy of Alfred Adler

No description

Dawn Dugan

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Alfred Adler

Alfred Adler
The Goal of the human soul is conquest, security and superiority. Every child us faced with so many obstacles in life that no child grows up without striving for some form of significance.

Inferiority/Superiority Feelings: The Source of Human Striving
Normal condition of all people; the source of human striving results in compensation.

Inferiority Complex- Condition develops when you are unable to compensate for normal inferiority feelings.

Alfred Adler- Individual Psychology
born in 1870
suffered from childhood illness
closer to his father - jealous and felt "inferior" of his healthy, younger brother
studied at the University of Vienna
met Freud in 1902
1910- president of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society
1912- served in the army
1929- immigrated to NYC

Where does it come from?
organic inferiority
Superiority Complex
A condition that develops when a person overcompensates for normal feelings of inferiority.
Can this explain the Beck
Striving for Superiority
The urge toward perfection or completion motivates each and everyone of us!!
The Style of Life
A unique character structure or pattern of personal behaviors and characteristics by which we strive for perfection.
Do you remember Hippocrates?
Birth Order
"I'm going to take what I need"- Aggressive, Domineering.
Social Interest- Low
Activity - High
Ruling Dominant
- " I need you to help me" Takes from others; passive.
Getting Leaning
- " I am not going to deal with this" Conquers problems by running away.
socially useful
meets problems realistically. Is cooperative and caring. Social Interest- High, Activity: High.
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