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Manager Soft Skills Course Briefing

No description

Mamta Chhillar

on 31 August 2014

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Transcript of Manager Soft Skills Course Briefing

Expectations of a Supervisor
A Commitment to:
Ethical Conduct
Equitable and Consistent Management
Supporting Management Hierarchy
Motivating the Workforce
Attend the workshop on time.
Here's a step-by-step plan for you to complete the courses successfully.

But he is not sure what is expected out of him.
This is how the LMS Home Page will look like!
Step 1
: You should attend the
Soft Skills Launch
Just like you are doing
Ahmed and you have been selected for the
axiom Soft Skills courses
. This is a really exciting opportunity for all of you.
Step 2:

So, today

you should log on to

the LMS at

to access
Situational and Team Leadership
You need to complete the online assessment and email/print the required assignments.
Step 3
After 3 weeks, you should attend the WORKSHOP. You will receive the workshop invitation
only if
you complete the online course.
On successful completion of the Soft Skills courses and with positive feedback from manager, you will receive a
Certificate of Achievement

Situational &
Team Leadership
Step 5:

After the completion of all 6 courses,

your line manager will receive a behavioral evaluation.

Scenario &
Role Plays
Sharing Ideas
Workshop Strategy
Step 4:

You should pass the workshop assessment.
Today, you will be enrolled in the
1st online course
You will have 3 weeks to complete the
online course.
On successful completion of the 1st online course, you will be invited to attend the
1st workshop
So, if you
do not complete
the online course, you will not be invited to the workshop.
Next month, you will be enrolled in the next online course till all the 6 soft skill courses and workshops are completed.
Today's launch meeting will give you details about the course plan.

Topics for

& Workshops
You are enrolled in this
online course
Your line manager will review and assess how you are applying the newly acquired skills from the
axiom Manager Soft Skills courses
in the workplace over a period of
12 weeks
At the end of each workshop, you will receive a
that summarizes the concepts that you covered in the online course and the workshop.
build the
for the
Mamta Chhillar
Teresa Delikat
Nicholas Power
Anitha Kumar

Irene Edgar
Your support group during these courses: axiom L&D Team
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