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Matisse Inspired Paper Cut-Outs Lesson

7th Grade - Students look at artwork by Henri Matisse and recognize geometric/organic shapes, space, and variation in size.

Bobbi Jackson

on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of Matisse Inspired Paper Cut-Outs Lesson

Who is Henri Matisse? Henri Matisse was a French artist famous for his expressive use of color. He is regarded as one of the leading figures in Modern Art. What is a geometric shape? What is an organic shape? Lets talk about space... Not outerspace! Lets talk about space as an element of art. Space is an element of art. What are some of the other elements of art? Line, shape, form, texture, value, color... and space. Space in art refers to using light and dark values, overlapping, perspective, and variation in size to create an illusion (perception, concept, or belief). Look at the different use of space in these works of art by Matisse: Matisse used space, shape and color to create art. By using different sizes and colors his works became very expressive! who who who who who who who who Examples of Student Work Rule of Thirds
This rule is used in composition because it creates a more interesting design pattern and is more appealing to the eye. Positive / Negative Review The guitar in this image is utilizing positive and negative space in the composition. Balance Notie the large, solid squares in the background are symmetrical or evenly balanced. However, the elements placed around the entire page are asymmetrical.
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