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Everything, Everything.

No description

shanara brinkman

on 2 March 2016

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Transcript of Everything, Everything.

By: Nicola Yoon

306 pages

Shana Brinkman

The theme of Everything, Everything is, to not let little things scare you. Madline never lived a full teenage life. She never went to a classic high school party where there was inappropriate things going on, she just stayed home and read the same book over and over again. After eighteen years of being locked up, scared of what the world might do to her, Madline escaped her house and went to Hawaii with Olly, of course. Fear dint stop her from doing anything. She lived.

Character Analysis
Imagine how it would feel, to be allergic to everything. Always being cautious about what you eat, and where you step. Anything could trigger death for you. Madeline Whittier faces this problem. Because she, and her mother, are very cautious her mother has forced her daughter to stay inside all her life. For Eighteen years shes been inside, home schooled, no out doors at all. The only people she has every encounters is her mother and nurse. Don't you think she would lack social skills? Shed be awkward and would have no boundaries when it came to meeting new people. So why wasn't she like that when she met, Olly?
Madline Whitter is an eighteen year old girl,n who has not experienced life. She's allergic to everything, which has made her lock her self up in her house her entire life. She then sees a boy, Olly move in next door and she imminently become curious toward him. Her curiosity took the best of her. All her choices were based om him, even when she knew she could die from it. Olly made her happy though. All her life she was never truly happy. So, even if she did die in Olly's arms, she died happy with the last two months of her teenage life fully lived.
My favorite part of the book was on page 202. Madline and Olly just landed in Hawaii and they are in the hotel gift shop, just looking around. "I don't think I've ever seen so much stuff" (Yoon 202) The best part about this is how accurate the store is. Its filled with pointless cheep gifts such as piles of pointless t-shirts, key chains, magnets, and of course the mugs that never have any ones name on them. The mugs in the book didn't even have one with Maddy, Madline, Oliver or Olly. It made me laugh. I though it was clever how the author put in a very realistic problem into a very unrealistic story.
Plot Chart
Climax: the climax is when madline runs away and goes to Hawaii with Olly.
The book take place in a big family home in California. Madline has never been anywhere else exsept her home. She is eighteen and dosent know what the world is like.
Conflict: Man vs Self
Man vs. Man
Olly moves in next door and starts IMing Madline
Olly and MAdline meet aeach other in person, starting hanging out more often and kiss.
Olly's dad was beating him up, Madline ran out side to protect her lover.
Madline gives Olly her favorite book with the three things she wanted to occomplish crossed off
Madline's Heart stops
Madline's and olly's first "I love you"
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