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Animal Cell Analogy

No description

Yulissa Conejo

on 1 November 2014

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Transcript of Animal Cell Analogy

Animal Cell Analogy

Animal Cell Parts And Analogies
The Cell Membrane is what decides what enters and exits the cell, like the police who decide who comes in and who goes out.
Vacuoles are sacs filled with liquid within the membrane of it.. Water towers are good examples of vacuoles because the stoe water held in by the tower walls.

Animal Cell - Fairtale City
Cell Membrane - The Police
Cytoplasm - City Air
Vacuole - Water Tower
Ribosomes - Restaurants
Golgi apparatus - Mail Man
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum - Highways and Roads
Smooth Endoplasmic Rectilum - Food Factories
Mitochondria - Power Plant
Lysosomes - Jail
Cytoskeleton - Power Lines
Nuclear Membrane - Guards at City Hall
Nucleus - City Hall
Nucleolus - Mayor
Animal Cell is like...
A Fairytale City
Golgi Apparatus is like...
Mail Man
Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum is like...
Food Factory
Mitochondria is like...
A Power Plant
Nuclear Membrane is like...
Guards at City Hall
Nucleus is like...
The City Hall
Nucleolus is like...
Lysosomes are like...
Animal Cell
Fairytale City Analogy
è finito!

Cell Membrane is like....
The Police
Vacuole is like...
A Water Tower
Cytoplasm is like...
The City Air
Ribosomes are like...
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum is like...
Highwys and Roads
Ribosomes are what put proteins together like restuarants put together food for people.
The golgi apparatus is what sorts and transports substances in the cell and out. A mail man is just like the golgi apparatus by sorting and delivering mail.
The Nucleus is the central and most important part of the cell like city hall is the central of a city where all decsions are made.
Cytoskeleton is...
Power lines
The cytoskeleton is like a tiny skeleton in the cytoplasm that helps as structural support. Power lines are structural support for a city because they help to have a well developed city.
The mitochondria is what provides energy for the cell. A power plant provides energy for a fairytale city just like the mitochondria.
Lysosomes structures contain degradative enzymes within a membrane. And jails contain people that are shameful like the enzymes in lysosomes.
The nucleolus is the prominent structure in the nucleus. The mayor of a fairytale city is who is the prominent person in the city hall.
Ribosomes are used for the means of transport throughout the cell. Highways and roads are also used as means for transportation for people.
The smooth endoplasmic reticulum makes fats and certain hormones. A food factory provids people with fat, steroid, and calcium foods.
The nuclear membrane separates the nucleoplasm found inside thenucleus from the cytoplasm outside of it. The gaurds at City Hall do this by separating regular people from "important" people.
Cytoplasm is what fills the inside of a cell what contins all of the organelles. City air is what fills everything in a fairytale city because every city component is found in the city air.
The Animal Cell has different parts that all contribute to make the cell work properly. A Fairytale City is similar becuase it also has parts that help it function as a whole.
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