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BJUI Social Media Awards 2013

Declan Murphy, Associate Editor for Social Media at the British Journal for Urology International (BJUI), presents the 2013 BJUI Social Media Awards at the AUA Annual Meeting in San Diego, May 2013. The event took place in the Dublin Square Irish Bar and

Declan Murphy

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of BJUI Social Media Awards 2013

Social Media Awards 2013 Meet the team Most Strange Picture on Twitter Most Commented Blog@BJUI Most Read Blog@BJUI Best Blog
Comment Highest Klout Score Best
Urology App Best BJUI Tube Video Innovation Award Best Tweet using @BJUIjournal #UroJC Award Best Social Media Campaign Best
Facebook Site Best Mo Best Urology Conference Best
Urology Journal "Did you really Tweet that" Award Best
Urology Organisation KIng of Twitter The BJUI
Social Media Award
2013 And the winner is... And the winner is... And the winner is... And the winner is... And the winner is... And the winner is... And the winner is... And the winner is... And the winner is... And the winner is... And the winner is... And the winner is... And the winner is... And the winner is... And the winner is... And the winner is... And the winner is... And the winner is... And the winner is... ? • “I am a transformational figure” – 21 Oct 08
• “Do not buy Ralph Lauren paint. It sucks. Long story” 10 Nov 08
• “Sarah says she feels like a stuffed sausage” 29 Dec 08
• “The name of our baby will not be Tripp” 31 Dec 08
• Twitter broadcast of his child’s birth
• “Go time. Epidural in. Thank god” 4 Jan 09
• “The wait is brutal. Contractions at 2 mins”
• “I’m more nervous than sarah”
• “Ptossin just started. I’m exhausted. Sarah fine”
• “Fully dilated. Aaahhhh”
• “Meconium pooh. Not pretty.”
• “The baby is perfect (except his crumpled up ears”
• “Probably red hair. Hard to be sure”
• “Anna Hathaway has very large teeth. Macrodentition”
• After Pittsburgh marathon – “My legs hurt so much I am considering transplantation. I can not really walk.”
• AUA2011 created his own hashtag #HowIUsedMyAUADepends
• “I love my patients as my family – except when they ask me if I am doing this surgery for money #getoutofmyoffice #goseethequacknextdoor” 20 Aug 2011
• “The USPSTF is a complete #joke #mockery #assholes #dbs #murderers #wasteoftime I am getting a #whiskey” 7 oct 11
• “Provenge will shrivel away like the impotent lacklustre drug that it is. Pun intended” 3 Nov 2011
• “After explaining the (hopefully) curative cancer surgery I was proposing – the patient’s daughter turned to me and yelled “you’re an arsehole” 26 Jan 12
• “My ECOG status is 2” 30 May 12
• “USPTSF suggests drugs are not the answer for obesity epidemic. Instead USPTSF suggests hugs and kisses for everyone” 26 Jun 12
• “Combined BMI of my residents today is lower than the patient” 6 Aug 12
• “Just lost a QUALY. Pray for me” 17 Aug 12
• “Just got into SF and immediately went past ten restaurants I wanted to eat at and I want to kiss a man” 9 Sep 12
• “I am thinking of eating my leather loafers” 27 Sep 12
• “I just told a patient they had macrocytic anemia. He looked at me and goes “Youre a friggin urologist don’t give me that shit” 17 Oct 12
• “I had every fluid a man makes splash on me today #proud” 19 Oct 12
• “Sitting by myself in a bar and not a single women is throwing themselves at me. I have cowboy boots on. What gives.” 21 Apr 13
• “Today I eat pepperoni pizza. F you Mediterranean diet. I chose life.” 1 Mar 13
• “Vodka is the new Bourbon #passover”
• “Today is National Doctor Recognition Day. Recognize peeps. I’m god #passover” Tim Averch on behalf of Uro-Twitterati
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