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Japan's Valentine

All about Valentine day on Japan. Check it yourself.

MHS Japanese Club

on 12 February 2011

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Transcript of Japan's Valentine

Valentine's In Japan! Breaking it Down Valentine's Day White Day Chocolates Boys Listen Up! Valentine's Day Boy Eats Chocolate Girl Makes or Buys Chocolate Boy Thinks About It
(For a Month) The Valetine's Social Order *Note: Talk about White day later on White Day Comes, And the Girl Will Get An Answer Boys play the most important role in Japanese Valetine's (The Valentine's Day Social Order). It's the women's day to express their feelings to the boy she loves. Chocolates Don't get excited boys! Giri-choko: Obligation Chocolate Honmei-choko: Homemade Chocolate There are two types of chocolate that are given on Valentines Day. Chocolate is the most important thing on Valetine's Day in Japan, so forget about the roses. Women give chocolates not only to their loved ones. Homemade (the best ones) True love Girl Gives The Chocolates To The Boy Store bought is okay, but are not made from love. There are two different way girls will get the chocolates White Day Girls Be Brave! Another Valetine's Day But the thing is! It's the boy's turn to express their feelings or The boy will answer to the girl that gave him chocolates from Valetine's day that he loves her. (March 14th) Pig Rabbit "That's all folks"
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