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The Spread of Islam

No description

Maria Nelson

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of The Spread of Islam

The Spread of Islam

Spread of Islamic Religion
Muslims did not try to convert conquered people
Allowed to keep religions and culture
Empire made money by taxing nonbelievers
Caliphs: religious and political successors of Muhammed
Muhammad turned to a life of peaceful meditation in the desert of Saudi Arabia
Led to rise of Islam
The Rise of Islam
Arabs controlled entire trade route from Middle East throughout to entire known world. Became only worldwide empire ever created.
Trade Route
Gender Roles in Islam
Men and Women relatively equal in Islamic society
Men still have superiority over their wives and in government
Female infanticide was forbidden
Divorce still favored men, but gave women rights as well
Both sexes believed to be equal in the eyes of Allah
1-confession of faith
3-fasting during Ramadan
4-payment for charity
5-pilgrimage to Mecca
5 Pillars of Islam
Key Beliefs of Islam
There is only One God
Muhammad is His prophet
Qur'an is holy book containing Allah's revelations to Muhammad
Goal in life: please Allah and gain paradise
The soul will live on after death: heaven or hell
Open to people of all cultures
Fight for Power
Two different groups (Sunni and Shi'a) fought for power as caliph
Power battle continues to this day
Height of Islamic Empire
At its height, the Arabic empire extended from Spain to the border of India-- approximately 1/4 of the Earth's land.
The Christian Crusades
Wars to take back the Holy Land
Won by Muslims
Muslim ideas and technology spread to Europe
Greek ideas re-instated
Islam Spreads to India
Interaction with India via trade routes
Social class equality appealed to Indians
Peaceful interaction with Indian princes
Muslims adapted Indian scientific and mathematical advancements which they then passed on to the Europeans
Islam spreads to Indonesia
Contact through sea trade
Peaceful contact and voluntary conversion
More accepting and appealing than Buddhism
What made Islam so popular?
Acceptance of all cultures
Control over only trade network
Peaceful, universal conversion
Equality among social classes and gender
Other-worldly beliefs
Based on doctrinal truths
Most powerful worldwide empire
All of these factors contributed to the rapid spread of Islam throughout all of the known world.
by: Maria Nelson
for Mr. O'Dea's AP World History class
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