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Arctic Lowlands

informal presentation for K.C 2012 Class

Quinn Bovell

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Arctic Lowlands

The arctic lowlands is north of
the tree line. Canada's arctic has three
territories: the Yukon, North west territories
and Nunuvut. It also includes Northern
Quebec and Labrador. The arctic is more than 2 million square kilometres. The northern lights (other wise known as aurora borealis
) are natural lights that appear in the night sky in northern
Canada. Aururo borealis is the scientific name for the northern
lights. They can appear in arcs, bands or patches of light. The
northern lights are usually red or greenish-blue in colour. In the summer months, the sun shines all
the time including at midnight! In the
winter, it is dark all day long. The smallest
tree in the world is the dwarf willow tree.
It's habitat is bits of the arctic and it grows up to four inches tall. There are many symbols of Canada's Arctic. Some are natural
symbols such as animals and the northern lights. Some symbols remind us of people who live in the arctic. Symbols of the arctic are amazing symbols... of Canada! Thanks for watching Fun facts Aurora borealis The arctic lowlands: Location Summary I am a polar bear. Canada has the largest population of polar bears in the world. There are more than 15 000 polar bears living Northern Canada. We are the largest type of bear in the world. Rawr! Hope you learned something.
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