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Egyptian revolution

No description

Rewan Elkfass

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Egyptian revolution

The revolution still Continuous because we didn’t feel the change but we will not surrender presidents came presidents leave and Mubarak doesn't want to leave Deterioration of the Egyptian education Egypt Before 25 Jan Private school public school There is no social justice 2 million Monthly salary 30.0 Monthly salary Inheritance of power Gamal Mubarak, the younger of Mubarak's two sons, began to be groomed to succeed his father as the next president of Egypt. Mubarak was selling everything And we will sell it We have taken the Suez Canal No money no food Mubarak is Stealing our money Egyptian State Security Investigations (SSI) cemetery under ssi Place of torture Egyptian police Motives for the Egyptian Revolution All previous was motives for Egyptian revolution but this is the most important motives for Egyptian revolution Tunisian Revolution Khalid saeed On 6 June 2010, Saeed had been sitting on the second floor of a cybercafé. Two detectives from the Sidi Gaber police station entered the premises and arrested him.
Multiple witnesses testified that Saeed was beaten to death by the police, who reportedly hit him and smashed him against objects as he was led outside to their police car. The owner of the internet cafe in which Saeed was arrested stated that he witnessed Saeed being beaten to death in the doorway of the building across the street after the detectives took him out of the cafe at the owner's request. During an interview with the opposition party, newspaper, Mosbah described, "They dragged him to the adjacent building and banged his head against an iron door, the steps of the staircase and walls of the building... Two doctors happened to be there and tried in vain to revive him but (the police) continued beating him... They continued to beat him even when he was dead". This description given by the owner was confirmed by the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights. "We are all Khalid Saeed" A prominent Facebook group, "We are all Khalid Saeed", moderated by Weal Ghonim , brought attention to his death and contributed to growing discontent in the weeks leading up to the Egyptian Revolution of 2011. Khaled Saeed Wael Ghonim The most important days in the Egyptian revolution The first day – Jan 25 Second day- Jan 26 Jan 26 Jan 28 The descent of the Egyptian army to maintain security on Egypt streets – Jan 29 People's Committees in the streets - Jan 29 Camel combat – Feb 2 Fell 11 dead and 2000 injured demonstrators at least. It Is an attack camels and mules and horses like medieval battles done by the National Party and who Belonging to Mubarak system Captain Majid (Tahrir Square lion) Mubarak's departure – Feb 11 Martyrs of the Egyptian revolution The number of martyrs 846 Best moments in the Egyptian revolution We must educate our children to become like young Egyptian people Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi
'There is nothing new in Egypt. Egyptians are making history as usual' Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg'Today we are all Egyptians' Austrian President Heinz Fischer
'The people of Egypt are the greatest people on earth, and they deserve a Nobel Prize for Peace' Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron'We must consider teaching the Egyptian revolution in schools' CNN ‘For the first time, we see people make a revolution and then clean the streets' Cleaning Streets Christians and Muslims Muslims pray and Christians defend the Muslims Mubarak wants to change Egyptian people Leave, my hand hurts me Leave, I missed my wife Me (mubarak) Egypt come back president we was joking with you. oh president week ,not even one call. they want me leave Why ? ........ Where will they go ? It is the time to say goodbye to Egyptian people if he was ghost he would leave Sorry for the ghost The People want to overthrow the regime Thanks god …. My name isn’t regime Many celebrities participated in the revolution. major ahmed shoman - army Officer participated in the Egyptian revolution not all the police is bad there is few police are good and this is policeman participated in the Egyptian revolution Revolutionaries Cheers Bread, freedom, Social justice. Leave Leave. We won't leave, he leaves. The People want to overthrow the regime. Yesterday Tunisia, today Egypt Songs about Egyptian revolution From England sami Yusuf . From France. After the Egyptian revolution the scaf took the power In the era SCAF Of the There is no difference They said that they protected the revolution but they tried to eliminate the Revolution really you told them we protect the revolution i swear as what i said Maspero Demonstrations were staged on October 9 2011 by a group predominated by Egyptian Copts in reaction to the demolition of a church. Reports count between 24 and 27 death and over 300 injured Mina Daniel is a Egyptian revolutionary died in the Maspero Demonstrations Mohamed Mahmoud Street – Nov 19 2011 46 dead The Hero ahmed harara He lost his first eye in Jan 26 and his second eye in Nov 19 council of ministers – 17 dead On 1 February 2012, a massive riot occurred at Port Said Stadium in Port Said, Egypt, following an Egyptian premier league football match between Al-Masry and Al Ahly clubs. At least 79 people were killed and more than 1,000 were injured. The police stood watching Elections The scaf Gone and Morsi came Anas mohy el-den 15 years old He wrote a month before his death “How I wish to hear The news of my death and I'm alive To see the eyes which will cry” Port Said Oh. no
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