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Kristen Ann Maniaci and Briana Elisabeth McKelvey :)

Get to know the life of the wonderful and great Kristen Ann Maniaci and Briana Elisabeth McKcelvey!

Kristen Ann

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Kristen Ann Maniaci and Briana Elisabeth McKelvey :)

Kristen Ann Maniaci(: and Briana Elisabeth McKelvey(: Get to know us! Because I know you want to. Some of our favorite bands are: We Are The In Crowd The Downtown Fiction The Ready Set and... Brik.(; <-- You wish you knew what that meant, ha! both of our favorite colors are purple and orange! Our favorite stores aree: Aeropostale Hollister Abercrombie Forever 21 Papaya's and Claire's Our favorite animal issssssss...

We have some inside jokes we'd like to share with you.... Talk like a slowwww countryyy folkkk. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Slapping the table in Panera. I've got it! I got thissssss! There's a crocodile out in the water, it's big, green, and scaly. it's coming towards us! i don't know but these things are huge, i've never seen anything like it. they're climbing up my back, run, ahhhh! Let's get jiggy with it girls! Well yeaahh.(: Here's our famous hit single, Bam Bam! Bam, bam, chicken, and ham.
Stir it in a pan, and do it again! Don't look at me this thiss! *Bri's famous look. Yeah, you really don't want to see it. 3/12/11 <3 Grandpas in speedos! Four of them too! Wait, maybe five, I don't know. We're horrible like that because we don't even remember most of our own inside jokes.(;
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