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isabella pucci

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Plants

More plant info
What liquid do plants like better and what type of seeds grow faster in the liquid?
Do fast plant seeds or pea seeds grow better? Why?
Would they prefer Diet Pepsi vs. Sprite vs. water?
The largest FLOWER is “Rafflesia Arnoldii .” It can be as big as 3 feet 15 pounds!
Plants make habitats for other animals and people.
This includes: Different types of bugs, bacteria and other assorted cells
The oldest plant was planted in 288 B.C., but also plants can die quickly, too.
They do a process called cellular respiration. During this process, plant cells use oxygen to make food. They give off carbon dioxide and water. Excess glucose is converted to sugar called sucrose. Plants are in the "plant" category because they are different than animals or protists. Animals cannot make their own food. Plants can! That is just one of the many differences of plants and the other kingdoms.
Another fact is that the scientific name for the Plant Kingdom is "Plantae".
Plants need sunlight to grow and they will grow to the sunlight that they have. Animals, on the other hand, don't grow to sun. Sunflowers are a GREAT example of this.
Here is some info about plants:
They use photosynthesis to make their own food
They have their own cell wall

We think that the fast plant seeds will grow faster than pea seeds. We think they will prefer water better than Sprite and Diet Pepsi because all wild and house plants are hydrated with water, not pop, such as Diet Pepsi and Sprite!
Parts of a plant:


We believe that the plants will like water the best because it is needed for them to make their food with.
Diet Pepsi and Sprite probably don't have the right "ingredients" to make food. But they have sugar, which plants could use as nutrients.
The parts of plants are leaves, stem, fruit, flower, seeds, and roots.
6 cups
Diet Pepsi
Wisconsin fast plants
Pea seeds
1. Put dirt in the cups to make a habitat for plants
2. Plant the 6 different seeds
3. Wait for seeds to grow
4. Put the assorted drinks in the cups
5. Wait and record observations

Claim: We were wrong and write the pea water worked the best then fast plant coke.
Independent variable: Sprite, diet Pepsi, water, pea seeds, and Fast plant seeds.

Dependent variable: Number of seeds.

Controls: Same cups, same soil, and same amount of seeds in each cup.

Data Table
Day one: Nothing has changed.

Day two: Nothing has changed.


Day three: PROGRESS! The Pea plant with water has sprouted 1.5 cm. The fast plant with Diet Pepsi is 3 cm. The fast plant water is 2 cm. So far, the Sprite has been ineffective. Anxiously` waiting for more results.

Day four: The fast plant coke is 3 1/2 centimeters. The pea water is 2 1/2 centimeters,and the fast plant water is 3 centimeters. The rest have not grown. The sprite seeds seem to be growing mold!

Day five: No change from day four.

Day six: fast plant water is now 4 cm. The pea water is 5 CENTIMETERS!

Day seven: The pea plant with water is the tallest at six centimeters.
The final recording of observations is : Pea Water - 6 cm.
Pea Coke- 0 cm
Pea Sprite- 0cm
Fast Water- 4 cm.
Fast Coke- 2 cm
Fast Sprite 0 cm

Prezi by: Bella ,Chloe, Jackson, Ethan, and Adrian


Why did some plants grow better than others?
Answer: Depending on what they were watered with made a difference. For example, the plants watered with Sprite didn't grow and the ones with water worked!
How does our data support or challenge our personal knowledge?
If we were to do this experiment again, what would we do differently?

Answer: Not changing light. We needed one steady light.
Plant Characteristics

The Kingdom "Plantae" can be defined as living organisms which conduct photosynthesis (making their own food). All members of this family comprises of a nucleus and advanced membrane bound organelles. They are quite different from animals. The Kingdom Plantae contains about 300,000 different species of plants. Among the five kingdoms, Kingdom Plantae is a very important, as they are the source of food for all other living creatures present on planet Earth, which depends on plants to survive.
Examples of a plant:
Sunflowers, tulips, maple trees, palm trees,
and Daphne bush
any of a number of organized or specialized structures within a living cell.
What could've occured to alter the results?
The pea plants got more light. They were put under a different light than the other plants. Also, different amounts of liquid administered may have made a difference.
It challenged out knowledge because we believed that the fast plants seeds would grow fastest. They did not! The pea seeds ended up growing the most this challenges our knowledge.
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