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Use of the Engineering Design Process

The Engineering Design Process is a method executed every day with various end results.

Miao Dong

on 4 September 2010

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Transcript of Use of the Engineering Design Process

The Engineering Design Process & it's Use in Deep Space Education Miao Dong
September 3, 2010
EAS 102; Section B NASA's Design Challenge Here, students are to utilize the engineering design process to create a lunar plant growth chamber

Hands on way to see how the process is used to create a new product or system through a series of steps

Execution of the Process The provided design process have the hallmarks of a successful engineering design plan
-Problem must be identified
-Brainstorming with a team
-Explore, but choose best possibility
-Build the model/ prototype
-Refine the design; start all over if needed
A very team oriented and potentially cyclic task Beginning the Project Focus on an problem to work on
Specifically, something a product or system could resolve
A potential problem could be creating an atmosphere that plants can thrive in Constraints and criteria are identified
These are things that have to be kept in the back of the mind as the design process takes off
A requirement could be that the lunar growth chamber cannot exceed a 12 square feet area
and must always be accessible without leaving the space craft Brainstorm
Convey ideas and possiblities with teammates
Quick prelimary sketches are highly recommended Generate, explore, and select the idea that:
is worth while to pursue
is the best solution
meets the design requirements From idea to model
Students can build a full size lunar plant growth chamber or a scale model
This is where an instructor can lend a hand Evaluation
The model is examined based on the constraints and requirements
As part of the engineering design process, there is no right answer
Results can be the acceptance of the model, small modifications to the model, or complete redesign http://www.nasa.gov/audience/foreducators/plantgrowth/home/index.html


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