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Influential and Inspirational Guitarists

This presentation shares the story of 4 great bass players (Ray Brown, Oscar Pettiford, Jaco Pastorius and Victor Wooten) and how their innovations contributed to bass in the jazz/fusion/funk genres.

Lauren Kaminer

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Influential and Inspirational Guitarists

Jimi Hendrix Victor Wooten Amazing Grace Modern Day Rock David Gilmour Born in 1946
Cambridge, England Played in a band called Pink Floyd before going solo.
Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist.
Mostly known for the album "The Wall," and his guitar skills. Track 3: Teen Town and a huge commercial success...
Birdland Listen for the harmonics on the bass and how Jaco attacks each note.
He's playing chords too. Heavy Weather
Weather Report leading the jazz-rock/fusion
movement of the 1970s Composer, bassist and drummer...
Jaco does it all! Born in 1942
Reffered to as "One of the greatest guitarists imaginable"
Headliner of many famous concerts
Widely influential Eric Clapton Matt Bellamy Born in 1978
Cambridge, England

Guitarist and pianist as well as vocalist, etc.
Best known as a singer/songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist
Wrote songs for movies including the Twilight Saga Eric Clapton Born July 23rd, 1965, in London
Plays guitar in a popular rock band, Guns N Roses.
He was on quite a few "Outstanding Guitar Players" lists! Jaco started out on drums but after injuring his wrist playing football he took up the electric bass.
2 years later Jaco took over the bass in his band, Las Olas Brass. Jaco developed intricate solos in the higher register.
Use of harmonics gave Jaco more creativity in melodies.
He is considered one of the most influential bass players of all time. Born 1964
Hampton, Virginia, U.S.
Youngest of 5 brothers.
All members of the
Wooten Brothers Band. Victor Wooten Victor joins Béla Fleck and the Flecktones. One year after Jaco's death he becomes the first electric bassist to enter the Jazz Hall of Fame
(and one of only 4 bassists total) Pastorius
Jazz Hall of Fame Thumb plucks
Tapping 1998 Wooten's first solo album, 'A Show of Hands', reinvents the electric bass sound with melodic lines and funky technique. 3 Grammys Wooten is named 'Bass Player of the Year' from Bass Player Magazine for the third year in a row! 1996 You Look Good to Me
live in Prague 1969 Influential and Inspirarional Guitarists By Lauren Kaminer Kenny Wayne Sheperd. Born in 1977..... blues-rock guitarist. Slash! Of Guns N Roses! Eddie Van Halen
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